What is the reason for 18 steps in Sabarimala?

What is the reason for 18 steps in Sabarimala?

These signify emotions: Krodh (anger), kama (love), lobh (greed), moh (lust), asooya (jealousy), dhoombh (boastfulness), madha (unhealthy competition) and maltsarya (pride). It is believed that climbing up the steps while chanting helps control emotions that cause pain in the world.

What are the rules for ayyappa Mala?

Rituals to follow during the 41-day journey to Sabarimala

  • The 41-day-fasting highlights the significance of abstinence and austerity.
  • Devotee shall wear a garland made of Tulsi or Rudraksha.
  • It is mandatory to observe celibacy.
  • Swamis usually wear black, saffron or dark blue dress and will walk barefoot.

What does Ayyappan represent?

Ayyappa is also known as the Hindu god of self-control. Ayyapa is considered as the son of Mohini (Vishnu) and Shiva and step son of Mother Parvati. He is considered to be the epitome of dharma, truth and righteousness and is often called upon to obliterate evil.

What is the significance of Irumudi?

Irumudi Kattu means two packages. The front pouch is meant for Lord Iyappan, this pouch contains the ghee coconut (Nei thengai) and all the pooja items needed when we reach Sabari mala. The back pouch carries all the items we will need on the way for ourself.

Which star is Makara Jyothi?

The Makara jyothi star appears in the sky on Makar Sankranti, and it marks the Sun’s transit from Dhanu rashi (Sagittarius) to Makara rashi (Capricorn). January 14 is the first day of the Malayalam month of Makaram. Sighting of the Makara Jyothi marks the culmination of the annual Sabarimala pilgrimage.

What is kanni Swamy?

So, Lord Ayyappa promised to marry her the day kanni-swamis (new devotees) stop visiting him with their prayers at Sabarimala. The woman agreed to wait for him at a neighbouring temple. The woman is also worshipped today as Malikapurathamma at a neighbouring temple. Sabarimala Temple is located in the same district.

What is nakshatra of Ayyappa?

Ayyappan is Baby boy name and is of origin indian. Rashi of Name Ayyappan is mesha and Nakshatra is krithika.

How many steps does it take to reach Ayyappa Temple?

Ayyappa devotees have to climb 18 steps to the sanctum sanctorum of the shrine. As they climb, they chant the ‘Pathinettam padi’ (song of the 18 steps). There are some rules for the climb. The devotee must begin the climb with their right foot.

How many Siddha Purushas are there in Ayyappa Avatara?

When Ayyappa avatara took place he renounced his prince hood and left his ayudhams one by one on each of the step of Pathinettampadi and merged with Sastha Further 18 siddha purushas who wanted to serve the Lord, installed their divine presence in the 18 steps to serve him as well as bless the devotees.

How many ayudhams does Ayyappan have?

Ayyappan has 18 Ayudhams. he left each one of the ayudham while ascending the peetam and hence each step has or represents an aydham of Ayyappan. Weapons which kills (the enemies) and at the same time protect (the devotees) All our Shastras greatly exclaim about the 18 siddha purushas.

What is the meaning of the 15th step of the Vedas?

15th step- nadabrahma means ecstasy continues. 16th step- jyothiswarupa- illumination of god. A supreme effulgence, the proper form of god. 18th step – which is considered as parama feet- the ultimate supreme feet of lord ayyappa swamy.

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