What is the root word for intercept?

What is the root word for intercept?

Word Origin for intercept C16: from Latin intercipere to seize before arrival, from inter- + capere to take.

What does intercept definition?

1a : to stop, seize, or interrupt in progress or course or before arrival. b : to receive (a communication or signal directed elsewhere) usually secretly. 2a : to gain possession of (an opponent’s pass) b : to intercept a pass thrown by (an opponent)

Does intercept mean stop?

To intercept is to stop something from reaching its intended destination. If a national intelligence agency intercepts a telephone call being sent from one terrorist cell to another, they stop the message and also learn a bit about what’s going on in the terrorist world.

Why intercept definition?

Definition of y-intercept : the y-coordinate of a point where a line, curve, or surface intersects the y-axis.

What is Unison used for?

UNISON works with individual unions and global union federations around the world to defend public services, fight against austerity and defend human and trade union rights wherever they are under attack.

What does the word root CEPT mean?

Quick Summary. The Latin root word cept means “taken.” This root word gives rise to many English vocabulary words, including deception, concept, and except. Perhaps the easiest way to remember this root word is through the word accept, for when you have accepted something, you have “taken” it towards yourself.

How do you find the intercept?

Finding x-intercepts and y-intercepts

  1. To determine the x-intercept, we set y equal to zero and solve for x. Similarly, to determine the y-intercept, we set x equal to zero and solve for y.
  2. To find the x-intercept, set y = 0 \displaystyle y=0 y=0.
  3. To find the y-intercept, set x = 0 \displaystyle x=0 x=0.

How do you use intercept in Word?

Intercept in a Sentence 🔉

  1. I leaped into the air, attempting to intercept the football before it landed in Bernie’s hands.
  2. The knight held out a shield to intercept the arrows which were being shot in his direction.
  3. The CIA uses high tech technology to intercept the communication between foreign countries and its spies.

What is the opposite of intercept?

intercept. Antonyms: send, despatch, forward, depute, commission, delegate, interchange, exchange, neglectful, unmindful. Synonyms: arrest, stop, catch, seize, neutralize.

What is the synonym of intercept?

catch, seize, grab, snatch, expropriate, commandeer. obstruct, impede, interrupt, block, check, detain. attack, ambush, take on, challenge, pounce on, swoop down on, waylay, accost, tackle, confront.

What is unison singing?

Two or more sounds are said to be in unison when they are at the same pitch, although often an OCTAVE may exist between them. For instance, men and women singing in unison are often singing at least one octave apart. See also: BEATS, TUNING. Sound Example: Men and women singing in unison, but actually an octave apart.

What is prime or unison?

Two pitches that are the same or two that move as one. Unison or perfect unison (also called a prime, or perfect prime) may refer to the (pseudo-)interval formed by a tone and its duplication (in German, Unisono, Einklang, or Prime), for example C–C, as differentiated from the second, C–D, etc.

What is the root word of intercept?

intercept (v.) c. 1400, “to cut off” (a line), “prevent” (the spread of a disease), from Latin interceptus, past participle of intercipere “take or seize between, to seize in passing,” from inter “between” (see inter-) + -cipere, combining form of capere “to take, catch,” from PIE root *kap- “to grasp.” Related: Intercepted; intercepting.

What is the root word of inter?

Between or among; mutually or reciprocally. Old French entre‑ or Latin inter, between, among. Many examples derive from Latin words already containing the prefix: interest (Latin interesse, differ, be important, from esse, be); intercept (Latin intercept‑, caught between, from capere, take); internecine (Latin internecinus, from necare, to kill).

What is intercepting the ball?

In football, soccer, and basketball, players try to intercept the ball as it’s being passed by the other team.

Is intercepting an arm shipment an act of war?

Arms shipments coming to a country are sometimes intercepted, but such interceptions can sometimes be understood as acts of war. In football, soccer, and basketball, players try to intercept the ball as it’s being passed by the other team.

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