What is the scariest level in the backrooms?

What is the scariest level in the backrooms?

Level ∞ is a very dangerous level in the Backrooms. It is believed to be connected to Level 9223372036854775807, Level 9007199254740992, Level ∝, Level π and Level -997 in some way.

What is the safest level of the backrooms?

One of the Safe Places, found in Level 9. The Safe Place is very small, being only being tens of square meters in size. It can only appear in the open levels like Level 9, 10 or 11. The property of this level is that it keeps all hostile entities away, but friendly entities can enter.

Is it possible to escape the backrooms?

The Way Out is widely regarded as the exit to the Backrooms. The Way Out will appear differently for everyone, though it will always be flooded in intense yellow light. So far, the only person who is known to have truly escaped is a person known only by their Reddit handle, u/enigmaticeva.

Is there a level 3 in the backrooms?

Level 3 is one of the larger levels of the Backrooms. Estimated at around 350 million square miles in area (~563 million square kilometers), this presumed size makes sightings of fellow wanderers scarce when traveling through Level 3.

How many floors does the backrooms have?

Currently, there are 3 generally recognized levels, with further levels being unconfirmed.

How many levels does backroom have?

The first and most well-known level of the Backrooms consists of three distinct characteristics: loud buzzing fluorescent lights, yellow stained walls, and aging beige carpets. Currently, there are 3 generally recognized levels, with further levels being unconfirmed.

Where is the backrooms image from?

According to Know Your Meme, The Backrooms originated on 4chan in 2019 when someone posted a photo, taken at an uneasy angle, of a dingy yellow room illuminated by fluorescent lights. There’s no furniture or people. The wallpaper, reminiscent of a 1980s hotel conference room, is mismatched.

How do you get past level 0 on backrooms?

Exits. Exiting Level 0 is only possible by no-clipping, which will always result in entry to Level 1. As newcomers to Level 0 are often unfamiliar with the mechanics of the Backrooms, it is necessary to keep your bearings and adapt quickly to the environment in order to exit.

What is backroom dream?

The Dream Theory is a theory that the Backrooms is all a dream and the people who experience it are actually in a coma and have the same never-ending nightmare as all the other people trapped in the Backrooms.

What is Level 4 of the backrooms?

Description. Level 4 appears to be an empty office building completely devoid of furniture. Certain rooms in this level have windows, but all should be considered traps and avoided at all costs. Level 4 is mostly devoid of entities; Hounds and Dullers are the only ones that have been reported thus far.

How do you Noclip from reality?

How Do I Noclip? To noclip, one needs to be travelling quickly enough to pass through any solid object like a wall without breaking it. If this is performed successfully, one will have noclipped.

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