What is the Schwarzschild radius?

What is the Schwarzschild radius?

The Schwarzschild solution, which makes use of Schwarzschild coordinates and the Schwarzschild metric, leads to a derivation of the Schwarzschild radius, which is the size of the event horizon of a non-rotating black hole. Schwarzschild accomplished this while serving in the German army during World War I.

What happened to Schwarzschild?

In Schwarzschild’s time there was no known treatment and, after being invalided home in March 1916, he died two months later.

What is the Schwarzschild metric?

The Schwarzschild metric is a solution of Einstein’s field equations in empty space, meaning that it is valid only outside the gravitating body. That is, for a spherical body of radius . To describe the gravitational field both inside and outside the gravitating body the Schwarzschild solution must be matched with some suitable interior solution at

Who is Karl schwarschild?

Karl Schwarzschild ( German: [ˈʃvaɐ̯tsʃɪlt] ( listen); 9 October 1873 – 11 May 1916) was a German physicist and astronomer. He was also the father of astrophysicist Martin Schwarzschild .

What is Schwarzschild’s cat?

Schwarzschild’s Cat is a comic on XKCD.com comparing the size and cuteness of cats. The scientific estate of Karl Schwarzschild is stored in a special collection of the Lower Saxony National- and University Library of Göttingen .

What did Schwarzschild contribute to astronomy?

Schwarzschild enunciated the principle of radiative equilibrium and was the first to recognize clearly the role of radiative processes in the transport of heat in stellar atmospheres. His hypothesis of stellar motion is one of the most important results to come out of his fundamental work in modern statistical methods in astronomy.

Where is Karl Schwarzschild located?

Karl Schwarzschild. Schwarzschild is a large lunar impact crater that is located in the northern part of the Moon’s far side. The nearest craters of note are Seares to the northeast, and Gamow to the southeast.

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