What is the strongest version of the Incredible Hulk?

What is the strongest version of the Incredible Hulk?

Marvel: 10 Most Powerful Versions Of The Hulk

  1. 1 World Breaker Hulk. The World Breaker Hulk is arguably the most powerful because he did exactly what his name says.
  2. 2 The Immortal Hulk.
  3. 3 Kluh.
  4. 4 Red Hulk.
  5. 5 Green Scar.
  6. 6 Maestro.
  7. 7 The Professor.
  8. 8 She-Hulk.

Is Wolverine The Hulk in 182?

Wolverine makes a brief cameo.

Is Red Hulk stronger than green Hulk?

While it appeared Red Hulk might win the battle, Green Hulk’s ability to increase his strength with his rage proved to be more power than the Red Hulk could absorb.

How much is the first Hulk comic worth?

The rare copy of Incredible Hulk #1, which was published in 1962, was bought by a private collector for $490,000 (£360,000). Comic Connect, an auction site which handled the sale, said it was the most expensive copy of the first Hulk story ever sold.

How Much Is Incredible Hulk 180?

What’s Incredible Hulk #180 worth in 2022? The highest recorded sale of issue 180 in existence (or once on the market) has a 9.8 CGC NM/M and sold for the price of $6,900 in 2019.

How did John Eisenhart become the Hulk?

John Eisenhart is a greedy, selfish, studio executive in the year 2099, until a run-in with the Knights of the Banner turned him into the next century’s Hulk. While researching the Knights, a group that deified the 20th Century’s Hulk, John tricked a young member, Gawain, into revealing their illegal gamma ray experiments.

How did the Hulk become the Hulk in the comics?

Using his then-separate personality as John, the Hulk took over control of Lotusland, along with the power-hungry Keisha Schultz-Valdez, in order to work with Doom.But Quirk came back and tricked John into transforming into the Hulk in front of Keisha.

What happened to Gawain in the movie The Hulk?

But then a cybernetic tyrant named Draco attacked the studio and Gawain was killed despite John’s promise of protection. Enraged, John turned into the Hulk and fought back against Draco, eventually being helped by the studio’s artist, Angel Zamora, and together the old employees took over the company to rededicate it to positive change and meaning.

Why did the Hulk bring Apolonio with him to kill Draco?

The Hulk immediately attacked one, destroying it, and inadvertently giving Draco the power to control them. So that when Draco used them to poison the citizens of L.A. and blame Doom, the Hulk brought Apolonio with him onto one in order to stop it.

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