What is the synonym for offspring?

What is the synonym for offspring?

children, sons and daughters, progeny, family, youngsters, babies, brood. descendants, heirs, successors, scions. young, litter, fry. Law issue. informal kids, quiverful.

What is the Middle English word for offspring?

From Middle English ofspring, from Old English ofspring (“offspring, descendants, posterity” ), equivalent to off- +”Ž spring. Compare Icelandic afspringr (“offspring” ). More at off, spring.

What are some synonyms for movie?

synonyms for movie

  • cinema.
  • feature.
  • film.
  • flick.
  • motion picture.
  • picture.
  • show.
  • videotape.

What is the meaning of pallid mist?

Answer: adjective. pale; faint or deficient in color; wan: a pallid countenance. lacking in vitality or interest: a pallid musical performance. Mist is a very dense water vapor, almost as thick as fog.

What is the root word of offspring?

offspring (n.) Old English ofspring “children or young collectively, descendants,” literally “those who spring off (someone),” from of “away, away from” (see off (prep.)) + springan “to spring” (see spring (v.)).

Is offsprings a word?

noun, plural off·spring, off·springs. children or young of a particular parent or progenitor.

What do the British call movies?

Which British people are these? We used to call films, “the pictures”. Film is the commonly uses word in Britain, but “movies “ is quite common.

What is the full word for movie?

Lassiter breaks in with, “people are really feeling the movie. They come back and say ‘I love that movie. ‘ It’s gratifying….MOVIE.

Acronym Definition
MOVIE Mobile Video Express
MOVIE Meeting of Villains Isn’t Entertaining (Kids Next Door show)

Whats fleeced mean?

fleeced; fleecing. Definition of fleece (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to strip of money or property by fraud or extortion. b : to charge excessively for goods or services.

What does Wintriness mean?

Filters. The state or quality of being wintry. noun.

What is a synonym for offspring?

Synonyms for offspring. fruit, get, issue, posterity, progeny, seed, spawn. Near Antonyms for offspring.

What do you call a group of offspring?

Another word for offspring. noun. A group consisting of those descended directly from the same parents or ancestors: brood, get, issue, posterity, progeny, seed. See kin. One descended directly from the same parents or ancestors: child, descendant, progeny, scion.

How do individual differences affect the production of offspring?

Individuals with variations that allow them to obtain more resources are likely to produce more offspring like themselves. By splitting, melting and growing three times, they made eight great-grandkid bricks from offspring of the original microbes.

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