What is the use of Kalarchikai?

What is the use of Kalarchikai?

Kalarchikai has been traditionally used as a uterine stimulant and is extensively used for treating many problems that women regularly face including painful periods, poly cystic ovarian syndrome and also to cleanse the uterus.

What is kalarchikai in english?

English name: Bonduct nut, Fever nut, Nicker tree.

What is the use of fever nut?

[Family: Fabaceae (Caesalpiniaceae)], known as bonduc nut or fever nut, has been used in India for many years to treat fever, inflammation, diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, cancer and also for birth control. In recent years, the seeds of this plant are consumed to regulate the menstrual disorders in PCOS.

What are the benefits of Kalachikai?

Kalachikai has many health benefits other than treating PCOS. It purifies blood, regulated blood sugar levels, antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral, antispasmodic and antirheumatic. It is found to be cancer protective when consumed on a regular basis.

How to make kalarchikai powder?

We can get kalarchikai during certain seasons in nattu marundhu kadai (country drug store that sell herbs). We can order kalarchikai powder easily online too. 1. Kalarchikai Powder For Pcos: For making kalarchikai powder, break the kalarchikai seeds using a hammer and you will find a white kernel inside.

What are the medicinal uses of kalarchikai?

In our place, it is mainly used for treating pcos, cough and cold, indigestion and for treating skin problems. Along with the medicinal uses given below, kalarchikai has immunomodulatry, diuretic, anti fungal, anti filarial, adaptogenic and anxiolytic (reduces anxiety) properties. 1. Anti Asthma:

Why is kalarchikai also called sootu Kottai?

When we were younger, we used to rub two seeds together till it gets hot and place it on others hands as a prank and that is why it is also called Sootu Kottai in Tamil. The botanical name of kalarchikai is Caesalpinia Bonducella.

Is kalarchikai good for asthma?

Kalarchikai has anti asthma properties, it has been used for it from ancient times. Kalarchikai inhibits parameters that leads to asthma. Kalarchikai powder mixed with honey helps reduce asthma and this has been proven through research too.

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