What is Thoroseal used for?

What is Thoroseal used for?

Thoroseal® 550i is a ready-to-use polymer-modified cement-based coating. It is used to waterproof and protect concrete, mortar, and masonry surfaces requiring either positive- or negative-side waterproofing. Thoroseal® 550i can be applied by low-pressure spraying or hand troweling.

How long does it take Thoroseal to cure?

Allow Thoroseal® Foundation Coating to cure 7 – 10 days before immersion in water.

What is super ThoroSeal?

Super Thoroseal is a blend of Portland cements, selected aggregates and spray dried polymer modifying agents. The aggregates are carefully graded. When mixed with clean water to a slurry consistency, Super Thoroseal can be applied easily with a stiff hand brush, broom or spray equipment.

What is super Thoroseal?

Is Thoroseal breathable?

Breathable; allows interior moisture to escape without damaging coating. Locks deep into pores and voids to become part of the wall when fully cured. Gray in color to blend into cement block and concrete walls. Resistant to mold and mildew.

Who makes Thoroseal?

Master Builders Solutions
​​Thoro concrete and waterproofing products now a part of Master Builders Solutions.

What is the difference between Drylok extreme and Drylok pro?

DRYLOK Pro is an exclusive product offered through Lowe’s. DRYLOK Pro offers mold and mildew resistance, stops water under hydrostatic pressure and water entering by wind driven rain. The color selection is more extensive than that of DRYLOK Extreme. DRYLOK Pro was formulated to accept a larger spectrum of color.

What is Masterseal 582 made of?

MasterSeal 582 – (Formerly Thoroseal Foundation Coating) Waterproof cement-based coating for exterior below-grade concrete masonry MasterSeal 590 – (Formerly Waterplug Hydraulic Cement) One-component, cement-based, fast setting water-stop repair mortar

What is thoroseal used for in concrete?

Used as an alternative to mechanical finishing or rubbing of concrete, it provides a means to hide minor surface defects and blemishes in architectural concrete. Thoroseals serves as and ideal base coat for our water based acrylic emulsion protective top coats such as Thorocoat, Thorosheen and Thorolastic.

What is thoroseal modified with acryl 60?

Thoroseal modified with Acryl 60 is used on vertical, overhead and non-traffic bearing horizontal surfaces where a waterproof, micro-porous seamless coating is required. It is hightly resistant to standing water, hydrostatic pressure and wind driven rain and will not soften even when in prolonged contact with standing water.

What is mastermasterseal 590?

MasterSeal 590 – (Formerly Waterplug Hydraulic Cement) One-component, cement-based, fast setting water-stop repair mortar

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