What is total population of Nagpur?

What is total population of Nagpur?

Nagpur City Population 2011

Nagpur City Total Male
City Population 2,405,665 1,225,405
Literates 1,984,123 1,036,097
Children (0-6) 247,078 128,290
Average Literacy (%) 91.92 % 94.44 %

Was Nagpur a capital of India?

After the first reorganisation of states, the city lost its capital status but according to the “Nagpur Pact” between political leaders it was made the second capital of Maharashtra. Nagpur is also called, “Tiger Capital of India ” as it connects many Tiger Reserves in India to the world.

How safe is Nagpur?

The safety index of Nagpur city has shown improving results when compared with the crime index as it stood at 60.12. The safety level is 60.52, while women or children are walking alone during the night. The crime cases involving robbery and theft activities have recorded a new lower level as the rate stood at 37.66%.

What is the population of Nagpur 2021?

The metro area population of Nagpur in 2021 was 2,940,000, a 1.62% increase from 2020. The metro area population of Nagpur in 2020 was 2,893,000, a 1.51% increase from 2019.

Why is Nagpur called Nagpur?

Nagpur is named after the Great river Nag which flows through the city. The old Nagpur city (today called ‘Mahal’) is situated on north banks of the river Nag. The suffix pur means “city” in many Indian languages.

Is Nagpur a rich city?

So from that perspective, Chandigarh seems to more average wealth per person than any other city….Top 10 Wealthiest Cities in India.

Rank City PPP GDP (in USD Bln)
10 Surat 40
11 Jaipur 24
12 Lucknow 22
13 Nagpur 15

Is Nagpur good for girls?

According to her safety in the city was decided according to the areas. “Old Nagpur is comparatively more notorious than areas like Shankar Nagar,” she said. The amazing part is that even after such complaints, the average rating that they have given the city for girl’s safety is 8/10.

Is Nagpur safe city for girls?

In 2007, till November 30, Nagpur police registered 117 cases of rape against minors and detected 113; 43 rape cases against adult women were registered and 33 were detected. In the corresponding period in 2006, 107 minors were raped and 39 women in Mumbai. For years, Nagpur has been considered a safe place for women.

What is Nagpur literacy rate?

Average literacy rate in Nagpur district as per census 2011 is 91.37 % of which males and females are 94.17 % and 88.43 % literates respectively….Nagpur District Urban/Rural 2011.

Description Rural Urban
Average Literacy 81.92 % 91.37 %
Male Literacy 87.59 % 94.17 %
Female Literacy 75.91 % 88.43 %

What is population of Nagpur in 2011 census?

Population of Nagpur – Nagpur with a current population of 2.98 million ( 1) is the third largest city in state of Maharashtra. During winter months, Nagpur becomes the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra. According to Census of 2011, Population of Nagpur city is 2,405,665.

Where is Nagpur located?

Location of Nagpur in Maharashtra, India. Nagpur is the winter capital and the third largest city of the Indian state of Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune.

Is Nagpur the fastest growing city in India?

It is the 13th largest city in India by population and according to an Oxford’s Economics report, Nagpur is projected to be the fifth fastest growing city in the world from 2019 to 2035 with an average growth of 8.41%.

What is the GDP of Nagpur?

Nagpur is an emerging metropolis. Nagpur’s nominal GDP was estimated to be around ₹ 1,406,860 million in 2019-20, making it the largest economic center in entire central India.

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