What is transitional math?

What is transitional math?

Transitional Math is a way for high school seniors to complete prerequisite math classes in preparation for college. Upon completion of the class(es), students receive a “portability code” that can be used at public colleges or universities in Illinois they plan to attend.

Does Illinois teach common core math?

Illinois math classes have been following Common Core State Standards for Mathematics since the 2013-2014 academic year. Students are also taught to use various mathematical tools, to apply precision and consistency, to discern patterns, and to use efficiency in solving math problems.

What is transitional math in high school?

Transitional math courses are designed for seniors who have met the high school math graduation requirements but who are not projected to be ready for college-level math be the end of their senior year.

What is transitional English?

Transitional English is a year-long course offered to students during their senior year of high school, with the goal of providing students the requisite skills for “day one” success in college-level courses.

What is the ISBE model curriculum development project?

After completing the expectations specified in Public Act 97-704, ISBE has expanded the Model Curriculum Development Project to include scope-and-sequences and units for grades K-5, and assessments, model lessons, and lesson documents for grades K-8 and Integrated Math 1, 2 and 3 high school courses.

What are the Illinois Learning Standards for math?

Topics The Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) for math K-12 are designed to help students acquire a deep, conceptual understanding of core math content through focus, coherence, and rigor . Focus shifts teaching/learning from a mile long and an inch deep model to a deeper, richer understanding of fewer concepts.

How can ISBE help your district?

ISBE encourages districts to use this tool to help evaluate their curriculum, foster meaningful discussions, and make decisions about the selection of new materials as appropriate. To view recordings of sessions linked below, please start by registering for the webinar and then proceed to viewing the recording.

How can I access the model Math curriculum?

Participants can expect to delve into Livebinder, the online host housing the Model Math Curriculum. In addition, other online and print resources will be shared as well as methods for how to effectively search for tasks that best suit your classroom needs.

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