What it looks like to fall into a black hole?

What it looks like to fall into a black hole?

When falling towards a black hole, for example, an object is stretched in the direction of the black hole (and compressed perpendicular to it as it falls). In effect, the object can be distorted into a long, thin version of its undistorted shape, as though being stretched like spaghetti.

How is a black hole born?

The most commonly known way a black hole forms is by stellar death. If its mass collapses into an infinitely small point, a black hole is born. Packing all of that bulk—many times the mass of our own sun—into such a tiny point gives black holes their powerful gravitational pull.

Is time infinite in a black hole?

See my article Black Hole Mechanics. ‘Time-space’ is infinite, but not the black hole. The black hole will disappear in the very far future; space-time will continue as ‘Infinitum’.

What would happen if I fell into a black hole?

But as you get closer to the center, the gravitational pull of the black hole would start doing strange things to your body. Suppose you were feeling especially reckless and decided to dive head-first into the black hole. Gravity would start tugging on your head and stretch it out.

What happens to you if you fall into a black hole?

As a result, your body is stretched apart. For small black holes, this stretching is so strong that your body is completely torn apart before you reach the event horizon. If you fall into a supermassive black hole, your body remains intact, even as you cross the event horizon.

What might falling into into a black hole feel like?

If you were falling toward a black hole, most of the time you would simply feel weightless, just as if you were playing Bowie songs and floating in a most peculiar way in the International Space Station. The gravity of a black hole is just like the gravity of any other large mass, as long as you don’t get too close.

What happens when someone falls into a black hole?

When an object falls into a black hole, its mass increases and at the same time the energy equivalent to its ‘extra’ mass would be emitted as radiation. In a sense it will be recycled. Well the object would be torn inside it by the force of gravity by the black hole.

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