What kind of bow did Katniss use in Hunger Games?

What kind of bow did Katniss use in Hunger Games?

Hoyt Buffalo
“The Hunger Games” producers chose the Hoyt Buffalo, which had the look they wanted for Katniss: not too heavy nor difficult for Lawrence to use. They also wanted a bow that looked good on camera and had classic lines. Hoyt built special 20-pound recurve limbs for Lawrence and her Buffalo.

What is a buffalo bow?

Our Buffalo Bow is a pronounced Reflex/Deflex longbow full of performance with out all the negatives of a performance bow. Fast,extremely quiet, and dead in the hand, these are fully custom bows available in many different wood species from simple to elegant and a wide variety of lengths and draw weights.

Who is Hoyt owned by?

Jas. D. Easton, Inc.
Hoyt is currently a division of the Easton-family owned Jas. D. Easton, Inc. which also owns Easton Technical Products, manufacturers of arrows, tent tubing and medical tubing.

What does Gale shoot with an arrow?

Afterwards, Katniss’ sister is killed in a method akin to one he devised. Gale visits her before Snow’s death and gives her a sheath with one arrow to shoot at Snow. Katniss asks if it was his bomb that killed Prim. Gale isn’t sure and tells her to shoot straight at Snow before he leaves.

What bow Does Fred Eichler shoot?

recurve bow
Fred Eichler is the first bowhunter to complete the North American Super Slam of big game animals with a recurve bow. 3Rivers Archery is proud to offer his exclusive signature line of gear, including bows, arrows, and other must-haves.

Are Hoyt carbon risers made in China?

The Hoyt Carbon risers are built by O Tech a connection they made via their relationship with Easton Technical Products. O Tech is an Italian company that specializes in the manufacturing of carbon products. O Tech the Italian company outsourced the job to China..

Are Hoyt carbon bows made in China?

Hoyt’s aren’t made overseas. The Carbon riser is the only thing, the rest is USA made.

What is the Hoyt Buffalo recurve?

See the video below for a demonstration of the Hoyt Buffalo bow in action: As mentioned earlier, the Hoyt Buffalo recurve comes with it’s own custom-made Flemish string; pretty much the finest product in the industry for a hunter.

Is the Hoyt Buffalo bow good for target practice?

This bow was designed exclusively for hunters, although of course there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to use it for target practice. The finish of the Hoyt Buffalo makes it very durable and resistant to all sorts of weather conditions – be it rain or snow, you can remain in the field.

How easy is it to assemble the Hoyt Buffalo?

Even if you’ve never worked with a take-down bow before, you’ll find it exceptionally easy to assemble the Hoyt Buffalo. There are no tools required and everything can be done entirely by hand (just follow the simple instruction booklet).

What makes the Hoyt recurve bow so special?

The design makes it wonderfully comfortable to grip, and thanks to Hoyt’s patented Paralever Limb Connection system (the same one used in their Olympic recurves), the whole bow construction is very sturdy and durable despite it being a take-down recurve. String groove silencers are also a part of the riser.

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