What kind of doctor do you see for fertility issues?

What kind of doctor do you see for fertility issues?

A visit to an OB/GYN is generally the first stop in the fertility treatment journey. Your gynecologist can perform a preliminary fertility evaluation, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

How much does fertility consultation cost?

Cost of Fertility Treatment for Women and Men National averages, ranges – and our prices

Costs for Fertility Tests and Initial Evaluation of the Cause for Infertility
Cost Range Our Fee
Cost for pelvic ultrasound to evaluate uterus and ovaries $150-500 $250
Cost of fertility related blood tests $200-400 varies

When should a woman see a fertility specialist?

Butts advises that women under age 35 who have not conceived after a year of unprotected sex, or women age 35 and older who have not conceived after six months of unprotected sex talk to their gynecologist or primary care physician. There are things they can recommend before seeking help from a fertility specialist.

Can gynecologists do fertility tests?

Your family doctor or gynecologist can test you for infertility, or refer you to a fertility specialist. Your local Planned Parenthood health center can also help you find fertility testing in your area.

Where is the Fertility Centre Gold Coast located?

The Fertility Centre Gold Coast clinic is located near Pindara Hospital at Benowa. Our fertility clinic provides comprehensive fertility assessments and consultations, blood tests, ultrasounds and low cost IVF & ICSI treatment all in the one location. IVF in the Gold Coast is bulk billed with out of pocket costs of $1,060.

How much does IVF treatment cost in the Gold Coast?

IVF in the Gold Coast is bulk billed with out of pocket costs of $1,060. Your treatment is managed by experienced fertility specialists to give you, your best chance of having a baby.

Why should you see a fertility specialist?

These can be things that are genetic, medical, or related to lifestyle. If you are having trouble conceiving, seeing a fertility specialist is the best way to identify what is going on. For those located in the Gold Coast, amongst the sun and the surf there are many excellent fertility experts who can help you out.

What services does a Fertility Centre offer?

A comprehensive range of services to suit your individual fertility needs – from general fertility assessment to fertility-related surgery including endoscopic, laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures.

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