What major events happened in the 1940s in Australia?

What major events happened in the 1940s in Australia?


  • 28 February – The Australian 7th Division is formed.
  • 16 March – A state election is held in Victoria.
  • 14 June – The Volunteer Defence Corps is formed, a militia force based on the British Home Guard.
  • 6 July – The Story Bridge is opened in Brisbane.

What happened in the year 1942 in Australia?

16 February – The Bangka Island massacre takes place. 19 February – Darwin is bombed by Japanese forces for the first time. At least 243 persons are killed. 1 March – The cruiser HMAS Perth is torpedoed by Japanese destroyers in the Battle of Sunda Strait, sinking with the loss of 350 crew and three civilians.

What war was occurring in 1943?

World War II
Timeline of World War II (1943)

What were the 1940s called?

the war years
This decade, commonly called “the war years,” is synonymous with World War II.

What historical event happened on the 19th February 1942?

Often called ‘Australia’s Pearl Harbour’, the bombing of Darwin by aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Navy began on 19 February 1942, killing more than 230 people and destroying ships, buildings and infrastructure.

What big events happened in 1943?

>What happened in 1943 Major News Stories include Allied forces take back North Africa, Italy Surrenders to Allied Forces, Dambuster Raids on German dams, Warsaw Jewish Ghetto Uprising, US General Dwight D.

What happened on March 5th 1943?

March 5, 1943 (Friday) The Allied strategic bombing campaign known as the Battle of the Ruhr began with an opening raid by 412 RAF aircraft on the Krupp munitions factory at Essen. The Universal Horror film Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man starring Lon Chaney, Jr. and Bela Lugosi was released.

What is in the Australian history timeline?

The Australian History Timeline features over 90 film clips showcasing a unique collection of Australian history documentaries. WARNING: this article may contain names, images or voices of deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

What happened during 1943 in Australia?

The following lists events that happened during 1943 in Australia . 3 March – A Soviet embassy is established in Canberra, and an Australian diplomat is posted to Moscow as ambassador.

How many years did Australians fight in WW2?

Six years of Australians fighting for the nation and defending the homeland during WWII. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. ISBN 978-1-74114-714-8. Mellor, D.P. (1958). The Role of Science and Industry. Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Series 4 – Civil. Canberra: Australian War Memorial. Nash, Greg; Stevens, David (2006). Australia’s Navy in the Gulf.

When was the Royal Australian Navy in WW2?

Royal Australian Navy 1942–1945. Australia in the War of 1939–1945. Series 2 – Navy. Canberra: Australian War Memorial. OCLC 65475. Gin, Ooi Keat (2002). “Prelude to invasion: covert operations before the re-occupation of Northwest Borneo, 1944–45”. Journal of the Australian War Memorial. 37. Retrieved 4 June 2009. Grey, Jeffrey (1999).

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