What makes a 1944 Mercury dime valuable?

What makes a 1944 Mercury dime valuable?

1944 Dime Grading Uncirculated Mercury dime condition – Such a coin never came into circulation. Therefore, it is fully preserved and the same as in the moment of minting. That makes this dime the most desirable and expensive on the coin market.

How much is a 1944 P Mercury dime worth?

USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1944 Mercury Dime is Worth $2.65 in Average Condition and can be Worth $6.15 to $27 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition.

What are the key dates for Mercury dimes?

Key Date Mercury Dimes

  • 1916-D. The 1916-D is considered to be the key-date of the Mercury Dime series.
  • 1921.
  • 1921-D.
  • 1926-S.
  • Other Scarce Dates.

What is the W on a 1944 Mercury dime?

The “LIBERTY” motto can be found above the bust and “IN GOD WE TRUST” graces the left of Liberty. The date of mintage can be found below the bust. Just to the right of the date, a “W” can be found and is Adolph Weinman’s initial. The reverse of the Mercury Dime is unique compared to other coins of the time.

How much can you sell a 1944 dime?

The 1944 dime with no mint mark is worth around $3 in very fine condition. In extremely fine condition the value is around $3.25. In uncirculated condition the price is around $6 for coins with an MS 60 grade. Uncirculated coins with a grade of MS 65 can sell for around $25.

Is a 1944 dime worth anything?

The 1944 dime value is $1.63 for a coin that is circulated, priced close to its worth in silver value. Old Mercury dimes are widely collected however and there is potential of higher value. The majority of these silver dimes are heavily circulated and worn, lacking many of the original details.

What year Mercury dimes are the most valuable?

The Mercury Dime series may boast but a handful of true date-and-mintmark rarities, but the 1916-D is number one as both the major key date and as a rarity on par with the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent. Only 264,000 examples were struck, and they are scarce today.

Is a 1944 dime valuable?

What is the value of a 1943 Mercury dime?

Mercury dimes from 1943 begin to have collector value when they are “uncirculated,” a coin with no wear and still lustrous. Collectors today generally collect dimes from this era in “brand new” condition. The value of the 1943 dime pictured is $10 to $20, the bright luster of the coin and the fact it never circulated is the appeal to collectors.

How is the value of a 1944 dime determined?

Grading Determines 1944 Dime Value The amount of wear or preferably the lack of it, determines a large part of the value of your 1944 dime. Collectors after checking the date and mintmark next examine the condition of the coin and give it a “grade. ” As a coin wears there are distinct visual differences from one “grade” to the next.

What is a rare 1944 dime?

1944 was a year that saw a decrease in strike quality, with few Mercury Dimes having full and strong strikes. This makes coins that feature full split bands on the fasces exceedingly rare. Like all other Mercury Dimes, the 1944 Mercury Dime features a composition made up of 90% silver and 10% copper.

What is the most valuable Mercury Head dime?

The Denver dime is worth significantly more than the much more common 1916 dimes minted in Philadelphia and San Francisco. After the 1916-D, the most valuable Mercury head dimes are the 1921, the 1921-D, the 1926-S, the 1919-D and the 1925-D.

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