What materials are used to make puppets?

What materials are used to make puppets?

To make a puppet you will need foam, fleece, glue, eyes and hair. You will also need hot glue or contact cement, needle and thread. The more complex the puppet, the more you will need, but these are the minimum. These are the materials I use in building most of my puppets and the tools I use in my shop.

How do you make finger puppets step by step?

Create the face of the puppet and decorate the body.

  1. You can glue on googly eyes or cut out small circles from the felt. It may be best to use an exacto-blade for this task.
  2. Glue on a nose made from felt, sequins, tiny buttons etc.
  3. Create a mouth.
  4. Add the hair.
  5. Add anything else you would like to the puppet.

What materials do you need to make a puppet?

What is the best materials for making puppets?

How are puppets made?

Hand puppets generally consist of a hollow head and a fabric costume attached at the base of the neck. This type of puppet is controlled by a hand placed inside the costume: one or two fingers are fed into the neck; the others are placed in each of the arms, providing direct control of the puppet’s movements.

How do you create a puppet?

Put the sock over your hand and arm. When you’re wearing the puppet, poke some fabric down into the hollow between your thumb and index finger. This will make a mouth. Also hold your wrist perpendicular to your arm, so that the audience can tell where the head ends and the body begins.

How to make simple puppets?

Creating felt puppets

  • Making your pattern: Take four pieces of printer paper and scotch tape them together,two on top,two underneath. Lay the big piece on a table horizontally.
  • Making your Puppet. Pin two pieces of felt together that are big enough to meet your dimensions for making the body.
  • Decorating your puppets.
  • How to make a puppet?

    Materials. Hot glue and glue gun.

  • Trace and Cut the Materials. I never recommend building a puppet from scratch until you have a basic understanding of puppet construction.
  • Foam Skull and Mouthplate.
  • The Henson Stitch.
  • The Head.
  • The Body.
  • The Mouthplate.
  • Attach Skull to Mouthplate.
  • Turn Puppet Head Right Side Out.
  • Attach Head to Body.
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