What order are the Metro games?

What order are the Metro games?

Metro is a Russian/Ukrainian video game and novel franchise that began with 2005’s Metro 2033 book by Dmitry Glukhovsky….Every Metro Exodus Game

  • Metro 2033 – 2010.
  • Metro: Last Light – 2013.
  • Metro Redux – 2014.
  • Metro Exodus – 2019.
  • Metro Exodus – The Two Colonels – 2019.
  • Metro Exodus – Sam’s Story – 2020.

Which is the first Metro game?

Metro 2033
Metro (Russian: Метро) is a franchise consisting of novels and video games, which began with the release of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro 2033 novel in 2005….Metro (franchise)

Novel(s) List of novels
Video game(s) Metro 2033 (2010) Metro: Last Light (2013) Metro Exodus (2019)

Will there be anymore Metro games?

Later, the popular shooter Metro developers: Exodus from the studio 4A Games officially revealed the new game, “Metro 4.” According to available information, the new “Metro 4” game is being developed for PC and new platforms PS5 and Xbox Series.

Is Metro 2033 Good game?

Metro 2033 received favorable reviews from critics upon release, according to review aggregator Metacritic. Most critics agreed that the game was a compelling and engrossing experience undermined by inadequate gameplay systems and poor artificial intelligence. The game’s story and pacing received acclaim from critics.

Is Metro Exodus the last game?

The last game release we saw from 4A Games was 2019’s Metro Exodus, and shortly after the game’s launch publisher THQ Nordic noted that a new game in the series was indeed still in development. You can read our Metro Exodus review here.

Is the Metro game series worth playing?

Yes it’s worth buying. You must buy this as this is one of my favourite games. The atmosphere, characters and graphics are good. The storyline is very good and especially the ending.

Is Metro 2033 free roam?

If your definition is “some parts of the game allow a lot of freedom to explore”, then the answer is yes. Personally, I’m just happy to see the ability to explore the wonderful world of Metro 2033 with a little more freedom.

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