What ply is Cooper discoverer RTX?

What ply is Cooper discoverer RTX?

4.5 rating out of 1034 ratings….Specifications.

Part Number CP22524756EOL
Ply Rating E
Warranty Miles 50,000
Run Flat No
Speed Rating R (106 mph)

Who makes the Discoverer tire?

Cooper Discoverer
The Cooper Discoverer family of tires has quietly been a major player for SUVs and light trucks for over 30 years. Known for their quality, safety and excellent value, the Discoverer name invites you to traverse the back trails and open roads in your Silverado, Explorer, or Grand Cherokee in confidence.

What is SL ply rating?

The ply rating for an SL tire is 4. A classification of SL means it’s a standard load tire. Most passenger tires are standard load, but standard load tires can also be used on some lighter trucks and SUVs. If your vehicle came with SL tires as it’s original equipment, then SL tires are a suitable replacement.

Are any Cooper tires made in China?

Due to the increase in technology majority of cooper truck tires are made in China. Cooper officially announced its entry into the Chinese market in April 2006 and established its Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in Shanghai. All Cooper truck tires are now made by Hangzhou (China) Rubber Co. Ltd.

Are XL tires louder?

XL tires produce more noise than standard tires. It can lead to an uncomfortable driving experience. These tyres consume more fuel.

Are Cooper tires made in the USA?

A majority of the tires Cooper sells to our market are American made. Goodyear is the only other remaining American tire brand (which includes Kelly Springfield , which is owned by Goodyear). Most Goodyear tires are made in America, too.

How good are Cooper Tires?

Cooper tires offer a perfect blend of ride stability, comfort and all-around good performance at a reasonable price. Most of their models are quite durable, with great tread life, although tire maintenance is crucial here.

Who makes winter claw tires?

The Arctic Claw XSI and TXI are winter tire brands manufactured by the tire company Multi Mile to combat snow and other inclement weather conditions on the roadways.

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