What programs of study are offered at USC?

What programs of study are offered at USC?

What degrees does USC offer?

  • Arts and International Studies.
  • Business, Tourism and Events.
  • Communication, Design and Creative Industries.
  • Education.
  • Environmental Studies.
  • Law and Criminology.
  • Medical and Health Sciences.
  • Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine.

What courses does UWI offer?

The Faculties:

  • Engineering.
  • Food & Agriculture.
  • Humanities & Education.
  • Law.
  • Medical Sciences.
  • Science & Technology.
  • Social Sciences.
  • Sport.

Does USC do online courses?

Master Your Career With USC Online. From master’s degrees and doctoral programs to certificates and informative seminars, USC provides you with exceptional graduate and professional training—on your schedule, from your location.

How do I register for classes at USC?

Registering for a Class

  1. Select the term (semester) you are registering for.
  2. Click on the department offering the course you intend to take.
  3. Click the Add to myCourseBin for the section you wish to add.
  4. Click on the myCourseBin tab to view the course you selected.
  5. Click the Schedule button.
  6. Click the Register button.

How many courses does UWI offer?

Choose from over 200 programmes across 7 faculties and 38 departments and research centres.

How do I choose a course at UWI?

Course selection is done via the Internet at the Student Administrative Systems (SAS) website which can be accessed at http://www.mona.uwi.edu. Students may complete this process from any computer, on or off campus.

Does USC offer graduate degrees?

University of South Carolina is proud to offer more than 250 graduate degree programs and certificates.

How many classes can you take per semester at USC?

four courses
The standard enrolment for a full-time student is four courses per semester. The number of credit points defines the academic weighting assigned to a course. Most courses at USC have a weighting of 12 credit points.

How do I choose a class at USC?

When course selection opens for your study period:

  1. Log into USC Central.
  2. Select Manage Enrolment.
  3. Search for courses by entering the course code (eg BUS101) and study location.
  4. Select the course.
  5. Select the available Course Component (eg Tutorial).
  6. Select the class.
  7. Select Add Enrolment.

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