What should I name my dog with blue eyes?

What should I name my dog with blue eyes?

List of Blue-Eyed Dog Names

  • Aang. The character in ‘The Last Airbender’ whose natural element was air.
  • Admiral. A dark blue shade color, also the leader of a Navy.
  • Aegir. Norse god of the sea.
  • Afina. Means blueberry in Romanian.
  • Aizea. A Basque name meaning ‘the wind’
  • Akash. An Indian name meaning ‘sky’
  • Akira.
  • Alana.

What is a good name for a blue puppy?

Blue-Eyed Dog Names

Indigo Cerulean Lake
Ocean Azurine Hinto
Larkspur Livia Iris
Levi Teal Juggy

What is a good name for a male dog?

Trending Male Dog Names


What name means blue eyes?

Bleu (French origin), the French word for blue, this would make a great middle name, especially for a baby with blue eyes. 85. Cerulean (English origin), derived from the Latin word caeruleus, meaning ‘dark blue, blue, or blue-green’, this name is a great choice from our shades of blue names.

What should I name my male husky?

Male Husky Names

  • Jake.
  • Jet.
  • Leo.
  • Hudson.
  • Maverick.
  • Beau.
  • Cade.
  • Blake.

Is blue a boy name?

The name Blue is a boy’s name. Among the coolest of the cool color names, particularly popular with celebs as a unisex middle name.

What are some popular male dog names?

The most popular male puppy names include Bailey, Max, Charlie, Buddy, Rocky, Jake, Jack, Toby, Cody, and Buster. Other common names are Duke , Cooper, Riley, Harley, and Bear….

What is the best name for a male dog?

A male dog is called a “sire.”. In the breeder’s world, a male dog is simply called a “dog.” (Females are called “bitches.”) In the breed ring you have classes for “dogs” and classes for “bitches.”.

How many breeds of dogs have blue eyes?

There are a large number of breeds that have blue eyes. You have probably seen a Dalmatian or even a Collie that has at least one blue eye and in some cases, you might have seen a dog with two blue eyes.

Do all husky dogs have blue eyes?

According to Allugas Siberians , a Siberian husky breeder, blue eye color depends on the genetics of the mating adults. Some breeders strive to produce only blue-eyed dogs, but the American Kennel Club also acknowledges huskies with brown, green and amber eyes.

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