What should I read from Bipin Chandra?

What should I read from Bipin Chandra?

The most recommended book for modern history for IAS exam is “India’s Struggle for Independence” authored by Bipan Chandra and a few other eminent historians.

How many pages is India’s struggle for independence?

It is as detailed as it can be in 650 pages. It is not just facts but also a justified analysis of the same. It touches upon almost every single contribution to the movement, right from the Northwest frontier to the Southern tip of India.

How many pages are there in Bipin Chandra?

History Of Modern India By Bipan Chandra ( New Edition ) (Paperback, Bipan Chandra)

Book History Of Modern India By Bipan Chandra ( New Edition )
Publishing Date 2020
Publisher Orient Black Swan
Edition New Edition
Number of Pages 374

Which one is better Bipin Chandra vs spectrum?

Spectrum vs Bipin Chandra – Spectrum is excellent for revision before exam, and Bipin Chandra is good to develop historical analysis aptitude and Mains type answers. So, we suggest to read both but use Spectrum for revision. ‘ First read Bipin Chandra / Sumit Sarkar and then revise by reading Spectrum.

Should I read Indias struggle for independence?

It is one of the best history books I have read so far. I would highly recommended it to everyone interested in History and a must-read for those preparing for Civil Services’ examination. Indian struggle for Independence, by Bipin Chandra, Aditya Mukherjee, Sucheta Mahajan is a quit intense book.

Who wrote the book Indian struggle?

Subhas Chandra Bose
The Indian Struggle/Authors
The Indian Struggle, 1920–1942 is a two-part book by the Indian nationalist leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose that covers the 1920–1942 history of the Indian independence movement to end British imperial rule over India.

What is the rank of anudeep Durishetty?

Rank 1
I am Anudeep Durishetty, IAS officer of 2018 batch and All India Rank 1 in the UPSC Civil Services Examination 2017. I secured this rank in my 5th attempt. Over the course of my long tryst with UPSC, I had learnt a lot from my mistakes and I consciously worked to rectify them.

Is Bipin Chandra necessary for UPSC?

Don’t waste time reading bulky books such as Bipin Chandra’s India After Independence or Ram Guha’s India After Gandhi if you have already read them. It is a commonly held belief that reading bulky reports such as Five Year Plans (for Economy) and ARC (for ethics) is essential.

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