What stores does ditto distribute to?

What stores does ditto distribute to?

Ditto Music is an online music distribution company. It distributes music to 160 digital music stores, including Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, VEVO, Apple Music, Beatport, Deezer and Shazam. It currently operates from its head office in Liverpool, England.

Who is signed to Ditto Music?

The U.K.-based company will add Ditto Management as a standalone management firm available to artists around the world, and acts already on the roster include Big Zuu, DJ Nathan Dawe, R&B artist Bobbi Lewis and singer-songwriter Nathan Brooks.

What is Beth Ditto doing now?

She disbanded Gossip to pursue a career in fashion, and has since started a solo career.

How much does ditto pay per stream?

The royalty returns on streams is approximately 0.003p per stream, but may vary in different territories. The amount paid for downloads will also vary, as stores take a commission between 10-30%.

How do I contact Ditto Music?

YouTube Music Official Artist Channels can only be set up by request, so if you’d like to claim your channel please contact [email protected].

How much does ditto cost?

Ditto Pricing

Name Price
Ditto Annual Subscription $150 per Yearper Receiver
Ditto Monthly Subscription $15.99 per Monthper Receiver

Is Ditto better than DistroKid?

DistroKid is a better music distributor when compared to Ditto Music, due to DistroKid’s reputation, track-record, and customer service. Although Ditto is easily the better music distributor on paper, it is just too hard to recommend them due to their poor reputation in the music community.

Did Beth Ditto lose weight?

Beth has continued to lose weight since that high-profile gig, even though in the past she’s insisted she’d never want to be slim.

Is Beth Ditto married?

Kristin Ogatam. 2013
Beth Ditto/Spouse

Does Ditto pay monthly?

Ditto Music Response Kindly do note that the sales will usually come in monthly but are being sent 3-6 months behind time.

Does Ditto collect royalties?

Ditto Music Publishing will make your royalties available to you within 30 days of the end of each month that we receive royalties from collections societies.

Is Ditto Music free?

We have many things in common with Ditto Music, such as our passion for helping aspiring musicians evolve and blossom into the music industry. However, although we offer a lot of the same things, we don’t charge anything for it. Yes, you head that right, it’s free!

Is Ditto Music a good music distribution platform?

Ditto Music Review: Its Pros and Cons By Gemtracks Staff May 9th, 2021 Ditto Music is a music distribution platform that you can explore for your music. It offers cheaper services than most of the distribution services.

How much does Dito music cost?

This feature from Dito Music allows artists to set up their own record label. This way they can conduct their own business, and be in charge of how they want their music recorded. The price of the Basic Starter Pack is $199; the Premium is $399; while the professional is $599.

Does Ditto Music take Your royalties and earnings?

Ditto Music doesn’t take any of your royalties and earnings. The company seems to uphold the fact that they practice transparency. According To Ditto Music “We don’t hide any information related to extra charges involved in the entire process” – therefore the price you see is the price you get.

Can I change the Order of my tracks on Ditto Music?

Even after the release of your music on Ditto Music platform, you are not allowed to change or reshuffle the order of the tracks. This brings a setback to Ditto Music when the question arises on the independence of artists to choose the alignment of the track.

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