What time of year do you throw spinnerbaits?

What time of year do you throw spinnerbaits?

Here’s the quick answer: Spinnerbaits can be used to catch fish all year round, but are most effective during spring and fall, when bass are feeding on schools of shad in shallow water. The best days to use spinnerbaits are cloudy days, windy days with choppy water, or any time with muddy water.

What is the best weight for a spinnerbait?

Depth / Size Weights like 1/4oz and 3/8oz are ideal to keep the Spinnerbait higher up in the water column. If the bass are cruising the shallows in the spring or fall, these weights will allow you to keep the Spinnerbait above the grass, and will even give you the ability to “yo yo” them back to the boat.

Are spinnerbaits good for Lakes?

The spinnerbait didn’t land itself on the Mt. Rushmore of bass lures for no reason. Something about their flash and vibration calls out to bass, and they’re one of the few baits that are effective on any lake, at any time of the year.

Do spinnerbaits work in the winter?

Bass fishing spinnerbaits are one of the most tried and true bass fishing lures in existence. Because they’re traditionally associated with spring or fall fishing, a lot of us forget about this lure in the winter. With the proper modifications, however, these lures can be highly effective throughout the colder months.

What kind of Buzzbait does Jacob Wheeler use?

Game Changer buzzbait
He prefers a 5/16-ounce Game Changer buzzbait with a custom large blade made by Accent Fishing Products in a white or blue glimmer color. The buzzbait features a heavier gage wire for increased durability and a larger blade to get the lure to the surface quicker and to be worked at a slower speed.

What color lures for clear water?

To maximize your bites in clear water, instead opt for something natural, like green pumpkin, watermelon, or brown. These shades won’t look out-of-place like a darker color, and the bass will be much more likely to snap them up.

What are spinnerbaits good for?

Spinnerbaits are used principally for catching predatory fish such as perch, pike and bass, and are particularly helpful in attracting fish as you begin your day out on the lake.

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