What to do if cottonmouth bites you?

What to do if cottonmouth bites you?

These dangerous snakes include the copperhead, rattlesnake, cottonmouth (water moccasin) and coral snake. If you are bitten by a venomous snake, call 911 immediately. It is important to get antivenom drugs into your system as quickly as possible.

How serious is a cottonmouth bite?

Being bitten and injected with cottonmouth venom can lead to “temporary and/or permanent tissue and muscle damage; loss of an extremity, depending on the location of the bite; internal bleeding; and extreme pain around the injection area,” Viernum added.

Will cottonmouth snakes chase you?

If you see a cottonmouth in the wild, be calm and realize that you are much larger than it, and it perceives you as a potential predator that has invaded its space. Cottonmouths are not out to get you, are not aggressive, will not chase you, and ultimately would like to be left alone.

Can a cottonmouth kill you?

While fatalities are rare, these snakes can kill you. The venom can cause hemorrhaging all throughout your circulatory system, or wherever the venom spreads. A cottonmouth bite can cause: Temporary or permanent damage to muscles and tissue. Loss of limbs, depending on the bite’s location. Extreme pain. Internal bleeding.

How dangerous are cottonmouth snakes?

Cottonmouth snakes, also known as Agkistrodon piscivorous, are dangerous due to their venom and ability to swim. While it isn’t a through and through sea snake, the cottonmouth snake is a strong swimmer and is able to stalk prey both on land and I’m water.

How poisonous is a cottonmouth?

Cottonmouth snakes, like all pit vipers, have heat-sensing pits on their faces, between their eyes and nostrils. The water moccasin, North America’s only venomous water snake, has a distinctive blocky, triangular head; a thick body; and a dangerous bite.

What happens when a cottonmouth snake bites a dog?

Take care to avoid the snake if it’s still alive, as cottonmouth venom is dangerous for humans as well. If your dog has been bitten, expect to see significant swelling within minutes of the altercation. You may also notice pairs of fang marks where the snake bit your dog and small amounts of blood near the wound.

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