What transmissions are compatible with LS engines?

What transmissions are compatible with LS engines?

The LS-series engines share the same basic bellhousing pattern as the original small-block Chevy, so LS engines can be bolted to anything from a 2-speed Powerglide to a 4L80E.

What transmission should I use for my LS swap?

Generally speaking, a 700R4/4L60E transmission will fit most applications that originally contained a TH350/TH400,” concurs Winstead, adding,”The 4L80E will not require many modifications in early A-body and F-body applications.” Samples says, “The 4L60 and 4L80 families of transmissions are considered the ‘small-block …

How much is a LS3 motor and transmission?

Engine and Trans Includes: at 4,400 rpm. The LS376/525 is available under part number 19259233 and carries a suggested retail price of $8,937.50. For installation in older vehicles, the engine controller kit part number 19259261 is calibrated specifically for this new engine.

Can you use a 700r4 with a LS motor?

You could use the 700r4 behind a LS motor, but I dont recommend it. I’d sell it and then but a 60e or 80e. Even it if was just rebuilt. The only time that i’d consider running the 700r4 would be if it was a built racing trans which usually runs about $1200.

How much is a 4L60E transmission?

4L60E Transmission – $1,795 | 5-Year Warranty.

What transmission goes with a 6.2 LS?

Transmission Specs: 6L80-E six-speed automatic. Rated for up to 650 lb.

What is LS Trans&engine packages?

LS Trans & Engine Packages A package that matches a transmission with the LS engine of your dreams just got easier! Save your time and frustration of trying to match components. We have packages straight from Chevrolet Performance or combinations that we at Pace Performance have created.

How much does a GM LS V8 engine cost?

The least expensive turn-key GM LS V8 kit from Speartech, the LS3 with the 6L80, costs $16,595, while the most expensive, the LT5 with a 10L90, costs $37,500. Head on over to the company’s website for more information on these create engine kits or to place an order.

What engine packages do we offer?

We offer 327, 376, 383, 408, 416, 420, 427, 441 and 454 CID LS based packages with power ranging from 430 HP all the way up to 1000HP. All of our turn-key drop in ready crate engines include a custom engine harness and ECM that can be built to run your electronic transmission for no additional charge!

What kind of engine does a Chevy LS3 have?

The LS3 Connect and Cruise is the most affordable 6.2L engine and transmission package from Chevrolet Performance. Available with 4L65E, 6L80E or T56 SuperMagnum transmissions. 430 horsepower.

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