What year was the worst snow in UK?

What year was the worst snow in UK?

The snowiest winter of the twentieth century in the United Kingdom was 1947. Between 22 January and 17 March, snow fell every day somewhere in the country. The most disastrous avalanche in the United Kingdom occurred in Lewes, East Sussex on 27 December 1836.

Was 2013 a cold winter?

The winter 2013–14 event was the coldest winter on record since 1978–79 in this region, the scientists found, and that winter was the 10th coldest since 1880-81. Aside from 1978–79 and 1935–36, all other colder winters occurred before 1919.

When was the worst snowfall in Ireland?

The winter of 2010–11 was a weather event that brought heavy snowfalls, record low temperatures, travel chaos and school disruption to the islands of Great Britain and Ireland.

What year was the big snow in Ireland?


How much snow did Albany get in the May storm?

The 5.4 inches of snow recorded at Albany, made it the largest May snowstorm to date. 60,000 power outages were reported across the Capital District of NY from downed trees and wires. Some locations were without power for a few days. Largest number of power outages since ice storm of 1929.

How many inches of snow did it snow on Monday 12th?

Light snow began around 3 PM on Sunday the 11th, accumulating to near 3 inches by midnight. The snow intensified overnight and there was 18 inches on the ground by daybreak on Monday the 12th. Moderate to heavy snow continued throughout the day accumulating to 33 inches by midnight.

What was the snowstorm of 1971 in New York?

Thanksgiving Snowstorm of 1971 (November 24-25, 1971) Heavy snow in Catskills and acorss the Upper Hudson Valley. This heavy snow began on the day before Thanksgiving and continued into Thanksgiving day. Albany picked up 22.5 inches with amounts up to 30″ reported elsewhere.

What was the largest snowstorm to impact the area since 2007?

This snowstorm was regarded as the largest snowstorm to impact the area since the Valentines Day 2007 Snowstorm/Blizzard. Snowfall reports ranged mainly from 1 to 3 feet, with some portions of the area picking up an amazing 36 to 42 inches of snowfall. The snow fell at 1 to 4 inches per hour for much of the day.

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