When did Adams Idea golf clubs come out?

When did Adams Idea golf clubs come out?

Aug. 6, 2009
Adams Golf Launches Game Improvement Idea a7OS Hybrids and Hybrid Irons. PLANO, Texas, Aug. 6, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The future of iron sets is here today as Adams Golf (Nasdaq:ADGF) introduces the latest offering of its industry-leading Idea franchise with the new Idea a7OS hybrids and hybrid irons.

Does TaylorMade still own Adams?

The answer is yes, the company does. In 2012, TaylorMade bought all the outstanding shares of the brand for about $70 million which came out to $10.80 per share. Technically Adams Golf isn’t in business as their own entity but they still operate with TaylorMade.

Is Adams Golf making a comeback?

Adams Golf was extremely popular in the early 2000s and despite dying out on and off for years after being purchased by TaylorMade, the company has made a small comeback.

Is Adams a good Golf Club brand?

For nearly two decades, Adams has been a leader in easy to hit fairway woods, hybrids and hybrid irons. That leadership has delivered exceptional generations of clubs like Adams Drivers , Adams Irons , Adams Tight Lies Fairway Woods and Adams Pro Hybrids.

What happened to Adams Golf?

That came to an end in 2012 when TaylorMade acquired the brand. Soon Adams Golf as a brand was no more as TaylorMade was more after their designs and technology, which undoubtedly influenced the next few generations of TM woods and hybrids.

What is adamsadams golf?

Adams Golf first began to really make a name for itself in the mid-1990s when infomercials for its Tight Lies fairway wood took over cable airways, particularly the newly created Golf Channel. Here’s a taste of those ads, pitched by a legendary sportscaster, the late Jack Whitaker:

What are Adams Golf idea A7 OS Irons?

Adams Golf Idea A7 OS Irons is Adams’ best and most versatile game‑improvement set ever. The company’s patented gapping technology optimises each part of the iron set to outperform traditional irons. You’ll see…

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