When Disney-Pixar gives you a rendering software amazing

Quand Disney-Pixar vous donne un logiciel de rendu incroyable



Or how to make animation rendering and special effects at home like a pro



I remember that when I started to get interested in films, are the special effects that attracted me the most. I was a fan of the monsters in latex such as E. T, Gremlins or all of the mechanical effects. All that was matte or the effects of “digital” was not in my scope but to be honest, if I was 15 or 16 years ago today, I would throw myself headlong into the software which I’m going to talk to you now, and that is none other than Renderman.

It’s been weeks that I have to tell you about Renderman. I know that all the readers are not interested in the 3D animation and of course the rendering , but many are interested by the special effects. Renderman is thus the software that you need. Frankly, if I had more time, that is to say, if there were more than 24 hours in a day, I would try to train me on this amazing software.


Renderman What is It ?

Before you say what it is, it is necessary that I tell you from where comes this software. Renderman exists since 1984… yes it is old lol, it was created by Pixar. But it is a software that has evolved with the times and new technologies. An example is better than a long speech, so I’m going to give you full ;o) It is thanks to Renderman that Pixar has a textured Toy-Story, but not that ! In fact, this software is simply a 3d rendering engine which is used to finalize the animation and visual effects. The most recent are :

  • Avengers : Age of ultron
  • Mad Max : Fury Road
  • Fast and furious 7
  • Edge of tommorow

And I could go on !

For animation, there has been :

  • The lego movie
  • The snow queen
  • Monster University

And I spend also a lot of other ;o)

There’s a bone ?!

This software is free ?! Disney-Pixar makes a great gift ? There must be a bone, of course ! How can he give, as a free download on various platforms such as :

  • OS
  • Windows
  • Linux

a software so powerful, and award-winning a number of times incredible ? Renderman has been the scientific & engineering award in 2010 and 2011 and an oscar in 2001 !

So WHY is that ? The answer is simple : to give the possibility to a larger number of boost their imagination and be even more creative.


I doubt that many of you are still skeptical , and I can tell you that I was also there a little. By going directly to the official site, some time ago, I read that the software is actually worth 495$ + a subscription of$ 200/ year…LOL for free we will return ! But that was before ;o)

It was the original price of the software becomes COMPLETELY FREE for real ! Without the small line below the contract, without trap, in short…It’s FREE !



There is always a BUT, but it is a small ” but “. Disney-Pixar you download Renderman in its full version provided does not do commercial projects. It is possible to use it for :

  • Research
  • Education
  • Personal projects
  • Development


Then, the personal projects are actually projects that do not generate profit ! So be careful !

More Renderman is necessarily associable with the most powerful tools of the film industry and 3D such as :

  • Houdini
  • Cinéma4D
  • Katana
  • Maya


Can we make animation with renderman ?

Good…Renderman is not an animation software. And, yes, Disney-Pixar is not mad no more lol So THERE WAS A BONE ! Renderman is a rendering software, that is to say that it allows you to put the texture on the objects that you have modeled.

I’m going to take a very simple example, tomorrow you want to make pancakes you have :

your eggs, your milk, the rum (in moderation) or the vanilla, a little salt and flour…

But if you have nothing to cook, it doesn’t do anything. And well the software of modelling and animation such as : blender, puppet, Maya etc…are your ingredients, while Renderman is the way you can cook ;o)

Actually Pixar uses software : Puppet to make its animated films, and guess what ? This software is not available for sale. Pixar the guard jealously and for good reason, the studio doesn’t want it to fall into the hands of the competition. While the free version is really not for any of the following… :o(

To download Renderman it is here : http://renderman.pixar.com/view/get-renderman

For those who wish Pixar puts at your disposal a community and tutorials to learn how to use Renderman…and share your creations.


That’s it for this article on : “Renderman “ Let me have your comments at the bottom of the article ;o)

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Thank you to those who will make it ;o) and that are already doing that ;o).

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A Sunday next, in the meantime, live your passion out.

Tom Weil

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