When to meet us Viggo Mortensen in the screen ?

The question of the day, here it is…

Remember a few weeks ago, the actor Joaquin Phoenix (The Night Belongs to Us, Walk The Line) told us quietly that he was a break – indeterminate ? – to devote himself to his passion : rap. This is that Viggo Mortensen (Appaloosa, The Promises Of The Shadow, A History Of Violence) has also caught the crisis of the “too full”.

He said recently : “last week, I went from Los Angeles to Japan, then Korea, then in Poland, and the United Kingdom. This is ridiculous and this is not healthy. But, as it happens sometimes, I take steps to change that. More movies. I did not say yes to one project for more than a year. I played in lots of films well received, and maybe I should do more, but there are other things I want to do. I don’t want to be disrespectful but now, I could continue or stop, it does not make me neither hot nor cold. This is a moment that I feel it.”

We just want to say : it’s a pity. However, relativize, the actor is first of all – just like us – human. And rightly so, it still decides what is good for him and especially what he wants.

As a reminder, Viggo Mortensen has 4 movies not yet released in France : Good by Vicente Amorim, The Road ‘s John Hillcoat, Vanikoro by Xavier Gens and Poe by Sylvester Stallone. It is what it is !

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