When was Nikon D100 released?

When was Nikon D100 released?

February 21, 2002
It was introduced on February 21, 2002 at the Photo Marketing Association Annual Convention and Trade Show as a direct competitor to the Canon EOS D60. With a price of US$1,999 for the body only in the United States, it was the second 6-megapixel DSLR to break the $2000 barrier, after the EOS D60.

Can a Nikon D100 take video?

This allows images to be played back on the TV screen and recorded to video tape, with all the menu options available. The D100 uses Nikon’s new EN-EL3 lithium-ion battery pack or an optional AC adapter for power. The battery pack also features a microphone, for recording short sound clips to annotate captured images.

How do you change the shutter speed on a Nikon D100?

1. Rotate the function dial to S. 2. Select a shutter speed using the shutter speed dial.

How many megapixels is the Nikon D100?

Nikon D100/Megapixels

What memory card does a Nikon D100 use?

Compact Flash memory cards
The Nikon D100 uses Compact Flash memory cards. We stock memory from SanDisk, Samsung, Lexar, and MyMemory.

What is the price of Sony DSLR camera?

Sony DSLR Camera Price List (2022)

Sony DSLR Camera Price List Prices
Sony Alpha SLT-A58K (SAL1855) Digital SLR Camera Rs. 33,990
Sony Alpha ILCA-77M2Q (SAL 1650) Digital SLR Camera Rs. 114,990
Sony Alpha ILCA-68M (SAL18135) Digital SLR Camera Rs. 70,890
Sony Alpha ILCA-99M2 (Body) Digital SLR Camera Rs. 50,000

What is Max ISO?

The “normal” range of camera ISO is about 200 to 1600. With today’s digital cameras you can sometimes go as low as 50 or as high as over three million, depending upon the camera model.

Does the Nikon D100 have raw support?

But for Nikon D100, as we don’t support RAW files, modules are only for JPG. These modules are not specified to be JPG only (PhotoLab already reject RAW files) that’s why you can see them as we look to Exif information identical in RAW and JPG.

Is the Nikon D100 a full frame camera?

Nikon D100 is based on a film camera from which the Nikon D100 has a large full-frame mirror and part of the body design for JVI the camera uses a pentaprism focus module 5 points, exactly the same as the Nikon D50, D70, D70s silicon metering module, on 10 segments.

What is the sensor size of Nikon D100?

Nikon D100 comes with a 23.7 x 15.5 mm CCD sensor, which has a diagonal of 28.32 mm (1.11″) and a surface area of 367.35 mm² . If you want to know about the accuracy of these numbers, click here. This is the actual size of the D100 sensor: 23.7 x 15.5 mm

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