When was Waveland built?

When was Waveland built?

1845Waveland State Historic Site / Year built

Waveland is considered one of the finest examples of Greek Revival architecture in Kentucky. The home sits atop a small knoll surrounded by 200 acres of Bluegrass farmland. Joseph Bryan constructed Waveland in 1845 on a 2,000-acre tract of land “laid off” by his uncle and frontiersman, Daniel Boone.

What is Waveland Historic Site?

Waveland State Historic Site is a state park located in southern Lexington. Waveland is known historically as the Joseph Bryan Estate and includes the original 1848 Greek Revival mansion and three outbuildings – slave quarters, a smokehouse, and an ice house.

What is the approximate location of Waveland state historic site?

/  37.97139°N 84.53722°W  / 37.97139; -84.53722 Waveland State Historic Site, also known as the Joseph Bryan House, in Lexington, Kentucky is the site of a Greek Revival home and 10 acres now maintained and operated as part of the Kentucky state park system.

When will the Waveland Museum open for tours?

Please note that the Waveland Museum is closed October 31st and will reopen for tours March 31, 2021. Tours are available by appointment when closed. Please see calendar for special tours and events.Weekly teas begin Feb .12, 2021.

What is Waveland Kentucky famous for?

He developed horse racing stock and established Waveland as one of the premier thoroughbred and standardbred (trotters) farms in Kentucky. Waveland produced some great horses such as “Waveland Chief”, “Ben-Hur”, “Eric”, “Olaf” and “Wild Rake”, who never lost a heat and was sold to William Rockefeller for $7800 in the 1880s.

What is there to do in Waveland?

Enjoy a picnic lunch on the lawn of Waveland, surrounded by the beautiful Lexington countryside. Picnic tables, 2 charcoal grills and a playground are provided for your comfort and enjoyment. A playground is located near the picnic area.

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