Where are doctors located in Fallout 4?

Where are doctors located in Fallout 4?

List of doctors

Name Location Faction
Doctor Carrington Railroad HQ The Railroad
Doc Crocker Mega Surgery Center of Diamond City
Dean Volkert The Institute The Institute
Kay Bunker Hill

Where is there a hospital in Fallout 4?

Kendall Hospital, a hospital in Cambridge in Fallout 4. Mass Bay Medical Center, a hospital in Boston in Fallout 4. Medford Memorial Hospital, a hospital in Malden in Fallout 4. Milton General Hospital, a hospital south of Boston in Fallout 4.

Is there a Deathclaw in Kendall hospital?

At the lowest level of the area, beneath the lowest platform, there is a lone deathclaw as well as a fusion core in the nearby generator.

Where can I find Doc Anderson Fallout 4?

Doc Anderson is a traveling doctor in the Commonwealth in 2287. She can be recruited into settlements as soon as a surgery center has been constructed, and there are 20 settlers total in linked settlements.

Where is the doctor in Vault 81?

You can find his clinic on the lower levels beyond the atrium. To trigger Hole in the Wall, you’ll have to leave Vault 81, walk several paces beyond the vault’s cave entrance, then return to the vault. Head all the way back to Doctor Forsythe.

Where is the safe in Medford hospital?

The room on the left which is over the counter through the doorway, then the first room on the left, contains an advanced floor safe next to a desk in the actual floor with an advanced terminal.

How do I get out of Kendal hospital?

You can easily fall off the edge if you aren’t careful, so try to hug the walls to prevent an accident. To open the door at the white bottom of the area, near where the Deathclaw appears, you need to power up a circuit board nearby in the right corner of the room. Doing so will allow the door to be opened to the exit.

How do I check the status of my Augusta safehouse?

Speak to Doctor Carrington at Railroad HQ after completing the Boston After Dark quest. The goal of this quest is to check the status of the Augusta Safehouse. He will tell you to pick up a dead drop in a mailbox, which will be a random spot.

Where can I build a medical store in Fallout 4?

The first aid station, clinic and surgery center are constructible settlement stores in Fallout 4 . The first aid station, clinic and surgery center are stores which sell chems and provide medical treatment. They are available to construct in settlements via the workshop .

Is there a surgery center in Fallout 4?

Surgery center counter variant The first aid station, clinic and surgery center are constructible settlement stores in Fallout 4.

Where can I find a doctor in Fallout 4?

For doctors in other Fallout games, please see ” Doctor “. For an overview of Fallout 4 content, please refer to ” Portal:Fallout 4 .” In the Commonwealth, there are various doctors who can restore HP, purge radiation, cure addiction, and in many cases also sell medical supplies.

How many locations are there in Fallout 4?

General information. There are at least 325 marked locations in total in the base game of Fallout 4, spread throughout the Commonwealth, Boston (situated in the center of the Commonwealth, by the Charles River) and the Glowing Sea (situated in the southwest corner of the Commonwealth ). 30 of these locations are workshop settlements,

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