Where are Thermoplan products made?

Where are Thermoplan products made?

Worldwide more than 200 certified distribution and service partners make up the Thermoplan network. The commitment to quality «Made in Switzerland» is for the employees of Thermoplan more than a promise – it is a conviction. With the Swiss coat of arms in our company logo we are proud to be producing in Switzerland.

What is the performance of thermo Pro 90 coolant water heater?

The powerful Thermo Pro 90 coolant water heater with a heating performance of 9.1 kW and sophisticated control logic surprises with compact dimensions and low weight. One particular advantage is that these heaters can be connected under the floor without any sacrifice to interior space.

Why choose Thermoplan coffee machines?

As one of the leading companies worldwide Thermoplan produces premium fully automatic coffee machines for professional use. Discover which of our coffee machines is made for you. Each coffee machine is a masterpiece made by Thermoplan.

What does Thermoplan mean?

Thermoplan AG is a manufacturer of kitchen appliances for the restaurant sector. The headquarters of the company are located in Weggis, Switzerland. Thermoplan was founded in 1974 by Domenic Steiner.

Your browser does not support the video tag. Thermoplan develops and produces fully automatic coffee machines in the highest Swiss quality for professional use in restaurants and businesses. The family enterprise is globally active and supplies customers in 80 countries.

What does therthermoplan do?

Thermoplan’s products are modular super-automatic espresso machines. The medium-sized firm employs 125 employees. The company’s major breakthrough came when it was chosen by the international coffeehouse chain Starbucks as their exclusive espresso machine supplier in 1999.

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