Where can I get mixtapes?

Where can I get mixtapes?

Top 10 Mixtape Websites To Get The Most Downloads 2022

  1. Datpiff. This is arguably the mixtape website that gets the most traffic.
  2. Gettherightmusic.com.
  3. DJBooth.net.
  4. Spinrilla.
  5. Live Mixtapes.
  6. Hotnewhiphop.com.
  7. DaMix Hub.
  8. HipHopDX.com.

Do artists still make mixtapes?

Artists would often drop mixtapes between projects to hold fans over and showcase some new sounds. As those smaller-scale releases have become less popular, artists are continuing to search for a new sandbox. Single releases are the first option that comes to mind.

What replaced mixtapes?

Since then, mixtapes have largely been replaced by mix CDs and shared MP3 playlists, which are more durable, can hold more songs, and require minutes (rather than hours) to prepare.

How do I get a free mixtape?

  1. MixtapeFactory.com. MixtapeFactory.com is a simple site where you can go to listen to, upload, and download mixtapes for free.
  2. DatPiff. Uploading your mixtape to DatPiff is free for DJs and artists alike.
  4. Spinrilla.
  5. indy.LiveMixtapes.com.
  6. 24/7Mixtapes.
  7. iLLmixtapes.
  8. NoiseTrade.

Why do hip hop albums have skits?

The skits are a way to indulge the listener into the exact same experience the rapper went through. Skits are way less common than they used to be but they can and do still act as transitions and a bonding experience with the artist. Putting skits onto rap albums is a tradition.

When did people stop making mixtapes?

Post the 80s, saw the downfall of mixtapes. Around the same time in 1990’s the world wide web came into being, it changed the way we communicated forever and little did we know it would change the music business as well.

Can mixtapes win Grammys?

Eminem and West are the only artists to win the award in consecutive years, with Eminem achieving the feat twice. In 2016, Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late became the first mixtape to get nominated for the award, and in 2017, Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book became the first mixtape to win the award.

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