Where can I tattoo my kids names?

Where can I tattoo my kids names?

Best Placement for Name Tattoos Usually, and other than on their arms, people like to get their kid’s name on their arm, wrist, or even chest. Logically, the best place for a name tattoo is on the chest as it would then be displayed near your heart and you would then show how close to you that person is.

Where can I tattoo my daughter’s name?

A Spot That Speaks to a Shared Interest You can merge the two for a perfect tattoo. Need an example? If you go for jogs, hikes, or even surf sessions together, then her name on the side of your foot, ankle, or on the calf muscle could be a great idea.

Where can I get my son name tattooed?

One of the most commonly requested spots on the body for a son’s name tattoo is on the upper arm along the wrist or forearm.

Is it bad luck to tattoo your childs name?

Of all the tattoos of a name, a child’s name is probably one of the safest bets, since the child will always be your child, even if it passes on. Even if you’re a terrible parent (not saying you are) and the child disowns you, you’re still where that child sprung from.

What makes a great tattoo?

The theme uniting most of these creative tattoos is their clever and unexpected use of their canvas, the human body. One cool tattoo uses the person’s own fist to create a fist for the character on their arm as well. Others use the wearer’s body to become animated – like scissors that snip or a raven that caws.

How to honor your child with a tattoo?

10 Tasteful Tattoo Ideas To Honor Your Child. 1 10 Birthmark Art. Sometimes when you get a tattoo it feels so personal that you want it to be just for you. This means you do not care what other 2 9 Write It Out. 3 8 Shot Through The Heart. 4 7 You And Me. 5 6 Family Tree.

What are the best tattoo ideas for kids?

Butterflies are a classic idea for a tattoo but this one avoids being cliche. This butterfly design is simple and beautiful. The curvy lines and hearts give it a whimsical feel and the kids’ names are a nice touch.

Why do you want to Tattoo Your Baby’s name?

Learning how to write one’s name is a major childhood milestone, and this is a perfect way to honor that. We love the idea of having the kiddo “sign” her name and then getting that as a tattoo. We love this added element of the different colored letters as well. This gorgeous tattoo truly honors the bond of mother and child.

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