Where did Coldplay perform for Radio 1 Big Weekend?

Where did Coldplay perform for Radio 1 Big Weekend?

Whitby Abbey
Coldplay live at Whitby Abbey for Radio 1’s Big Weekend. Watch their full set on BBC iPlayer and listen on BBC Sounds.

Did Coldplay play at Whitby Abbey?

Whitby Abbey played host to British band Coldplay. The group performed some of their biggest hits, including ‘Fix You’, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Viva la Vida’, to record a special set for Radio One’s Big Weekend.

When did Coldplay play at Whitby?

Coldplay performing at Whitby Abbey is set to be one of the highlights of Radio 1’s Big Weekend of Live Music. Taking place across four days for the first time in the event’s 18-year history, from May 28 to 31, Radio 1’s Big Weekend of Live Music 2021 will have more than 120 live performances for fans to enjoy.

Where was Coldplay Radio 1 filmed?

GLOBAL music superstars Coldplay have filmed a live set at the iconic Whitby Abbey as part of Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival. Frontman Chris Martin and his bandmates were in the seaside town last week to record their set on Wednesday night.

Where did Coldplay film in Whitby?

Coldplay perform at Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire, the centuries-old monastic ruins that formed the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, while Ed Sheeran’s performance takes place at Snape Maltings, a landmark arts complex on the banks of the River Alde in Suffolk.

When did Coldplay record at Whitby Abbey?

The band have recorded a performance at Whitby Abbey for Radio 1’s Big Weekend (May 28-31). Coldplay’s set will air on Radio 1 (1pm, Sunday, May 29), as well as featuring as part of a BBC One 90-minute special hosted by Greg James (10.20pm, Sunday, May 29). It is already available on BBC Sounds and BBC iPlayer.

Where can I watch Radio One Big Weekend 2021?

We will be live streaming two stages, on iPlayer, on TV and on mobile devices.

What was filmed at Whitby Abbey?

Most recently, it was cast in Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s 2020 adaptation of Dracula. The film crew used the abbey ruins, but stroll around town and you might spot other filming locations, such as Cholmley House, opposite the abbey.

What happened Whitby Abbey?

The monastery was abandoned following Danish raids in the 9th century but the Benedictine monk Reinfrid established a new community on the site in 1078. The Benedictine monastery was suppressed by Henry VIII in 1539 and its ruins are the ones we see on Whitby headland today.

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