Where did they shoot Batman 1989?

Where did they shoot Batman 1989?

Pinewood Studios
It was shot at Pinewood Studios in England from October 10, 1988 to February 14, 1989 with 80 days of main shooting and 86 days of second unit shooting. 18 sound stages were used, with 7 stages occupied, including the 51 acre backlot for the Gotham City set, one of the biggest ever built at the studio.

Is Batman 1989 appropriate?

Not for children, the PG-13 is warranted. Excellent film, and the best Bat-movie to date.

Who is the main villain in Batman 1989?

Jack Napier, later better known as The Joker, is the main antagonist of the Batman film series. He is the main antagonist in Tim Burton’s 1989 superhero film Batman, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of its sequels and the Batman ’89 comic miniseries.

Is Batman 1989 an origin story?

Tim Burton and writer Julia Hickson’s original treatment for Batman wasn’t only an origin for the Caped Crusader, but for Robin too. Batman from 1989 is a true landmark for comic book movies, with the film totally reinventing its title character after the campy (but rightfully beloved) 1960s series.

Is Gotham Chicago?

Gotham and Metropolis were both originally modeled on New York City in the comic books. However, Christopher Nolan primarily used Chicago as the backdrop for Batman Begins and the Dark Knight. (New York and Pittsburgh were also used for Dark Knight Rises.)

Where is Gotham City in real life?

It’s New York, of course. “Gotham” was a nickname for New York (and specifically Manhattan, I think) for almost a couple of centuries. In fact, Batman lived in New York in his first couple of appearances, but then the writers decided to create the fictional Gotham City instead. Of course, Metropolis is also New York.

Can a 12 year old watch Gotham?

We should advise the show is rated for 14+ but Rory was given permission by her parents. The episode starts with a girl jumping from a roof.

Can a 10 year old watch Batman Returns?

This movie is okay for kids 10+.

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