Where do you put a catch basin?

Where do you put a catch basin?

If the starting location is near a drainpipe, the catch basin will be located about 12 to 18 inches from the foundation, depending on the size of the catch basin. The end of the run should be at least 10 feet away on a decline and farther for flat ground. Move the water as far away from the foundation as possible.

What is catch basin meaning?

Definition of catch basin 1 : a cistern located at the point where a street gutter discharges into a sewer and designed to catch and retain matter that would not pass readily through the sewer. 2 : a reservoir or well into which surface water may drain off.

What are catch basins?

A catch basin is a large drain, usually placed in low areas of a yard, to catch surface runoff water. It usually consists of surface drain that leads to an enlarged box beneath that is then tied to an underground drainage system that finally leads to downspout drains or storm sewers.

What is a standard catch basin?

Catch basins are normally supplied with a core hole for the outlet pipe and quite often with a screened weeping hole to collect water built up around the outside of the catch basin barrel. The ‘sump’, or depth beneath the invert of the outlet pipe, is standard 450 to 600mm. All catch basins are supplied with a solid cast in base.

What is a type II catch basin?

Grate Inlet on Catch Basin – Type 2 (DS-2) This plan may be used when flows dictate a larger pipe than a normal grate inlet structure can handle. It also works well if there are a number of pipes converging at a location, or when pipes are entering at odd angles.

What is a residential catch basin?

Final Notes. Residential catch basins range in size from 6” diameter garden drains to 24” x 24” yard drains and offer a wide variety of grating options. Plastic, brass, cast iron and chrome grates are designed to meet the cost or aesthetic requirements of your residential drainage project.

What is a concrete catch basin?

Catch Basins. Precast concrete catch basins are designed to drain excess stormwater and groundwater from paved streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. Gainey’s precast concrete catch basins provide an alternative to poured-in-place or bricked structures.

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