Where is Dunes surf spot Cape Town?

Where is Dunes surf spot Cape Town?

Noordhoek Beach
Dunes is a popular spot for Cape Town’s resident surf crowd, about 12km from Noordhoek Beach and a 40-minute drive outside the city centre.

Can you surf in the Cape?

Can You Surf in Cape Cod? Its heavy winds, choppy waters, and large swells can offer surfers of every level the opportunity to enjoy the surf in Cape’s waters. The best spots to surf in Cape Cod are generally the Atlantic side of the Outer Cape, the long skinny stretch that extends from Chatham to Truro.

Can you surf in Punta Mita Mexico?

Punta Mita Surf – The state of Nayarit has some of mainland Mexico’s best surf. Seasons: Winter season (November-March), and Summer season (April-October). We are located within 1 hour of all of the areas best surf, all of it accessible by combination of overland transport as well as pangas and/or speedboat.

Where is the best surfing in Cape Town?

Best Surf Spots in Cape Town

  • Llandudno.
  • Off the Wall.
  • Long Beach.
  • Big Bay.
  • Scarborough Beach. Scarborough Beach is a quiet surf spot that is 48km from Cape Town, but still along the Cape Peninsula.
  • Glen Beach. Glen Beach is in Camps Bay.
  • Crayfish Factory.
  • Dungeons.

Do Cape Cod beaches have waves?

Cape Cod Bay doesn’t have knock-you-off-your-feet kind of waves, but it does have waves, none the less. The trade-off is that the Cape Cod Bay waters are somewhat cooler than Buzzards Bay waters. So just be ready for a little chillier swim when you go there.

Are there waves in Cape Cod?

No, it’s not California or Hawaii, but Cape Cod has some great under rated surfing hotspots, and the best part is, with 40 miles of open beach and countless beach breaks, you can find your own, uncrowded waves. All of the Atlantic beaches on the east side of the Cape have surfing potential.

Where can you surf on the west coast of Mexico?

Today, the west coast is peppered with beach towns known for their surf conditions. Some, like Mazatlan, Puerto Escondido, and Punta Mita, are packed with amenities, from hotels and surf shops to restaurants and beach clubs. Others, like Barra de La Cruz and Pascuales, are much more remote.

Where to surf in Cabo San Jose?

To the east and at the end of hotel row in San Jose are some waves at The Estuary. This was actually the first wave I surfed in Cabo and it can get really fun. I did learn later that it is one of the most polluted breaks when the river mouth breaks and sewage come pouring out of the riverbed. Don’t let hepatitis ruin your trip.

Where to surf in Baja California?

The town-center beach is popular with novices, and there are plenty of surf shops here, offering board hire and classes. In the far south of the Baja California peninsula, where the Pacific meets the tranquil Sea of Cortez, East Cape is famous for its right point breaks.

Where are the best places to surf in Oaxaca?

A 40-minute drive east of the big resort town of Huatulco, on the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, this indigenous village turned barefoot-chic hipster surf-town, draws novice wave riders all year round. Semi-pros come between March and October when heavy swells produce tubing waves to the right-hand point break at the western end of the village beach.

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