Where is Kambangan Island?

Where is Kambangan Island?

Meet the tour guides Kambangan (also Nusa Kambangan, Nusakambangan or Nusa Kembangan) island is located in the Indian Ocean, separated by a narrow strait off the southern coast of Java island; the closest port is Cilacap in Central Java province.

What is the history of Nusa Kambangan?

The colonial government built prisons on the island for criminals. The prison on Nusa Kambangan was opened in the mid-1920s by Indonesia’s Dutch colonial rulers. Its use as a prison island continued after independence. During the rule of former President Suharto, hundreds of political dissidents were imprisoned on the island.

What is the Nusakambangan jail?

The sprawling jail complex on Nusakambangan island, located off the Cilacap coast in central Java, houses more than 1,500 inmates, including those found guilty of drug trafficking and terrorism. But it is most notorious for its execution sites, the Nirbaya and Li-musbuntu shooting fields, where inmates are put to death.

What to do in Nusakambangan?

The eastern side of a bay is a nature reserve area where an old Dutch fortress is located on the Karangbandung beach. As a lowland tropical rain forest, Nusakambangan is biologically diverse. More than 71 different bird species, 14 reptile species and various mammal species are found in the island.

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