Where is Pastor Maldonado now?

Where is Pastor Maldonado now?

Maldonado, 33, is moving into sportscar racing for the first time after two years on the sidelines following his final F1 stint with Lotus. Team boss Elton Julian told Autosport: “I’ve been after Pastor for some time and have now been able to offer him the right package.

How did Pastor Maldonado win?

Maldonado was beaten to the first corner by Fernando Alonso, but regained the lead after the second round of pit stops. Maldonado held his lead after the third pit-stop phase, and held off Alonso and Kimi Räikkönen to win, becoming the first Venezuelan driver to finish on a Grand Prix podium in the process.

How many times did Pastor Maldonado crash?

You would have thought he’d have learned by now, but Maldonado suffered seven further crashes, and caused another that year.

Why is Pastor Maldonado famous?

Pastor Rafael Maldonado Motta (born 9 March 1985 in Maracay, Venezuela) is a Formula One driver who formerly drove for Lotus alongside Romain Grosjean. Maldonado made his F1 debut at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix driving for Williams, becoming the first Venezuelan driver in Formula One since Johnny Cecotto in 1984.

Why does Maldonado crash?

In 2014 during the first practice for the Chinese Grand Prix he veered off the road and nearly crashed after getting distracted making adjustments on his steering wheel.

Has Pastor Maldonado crash today?

Has Maldonado crashed today?? Yes, he did, Pastor Maldonado retired on lap one after colliding with Lotus team-mate Romain Grosjean, whose race also ended because of the incident.

Is Pastor Maldonado rich?

Top of the list is the Williams driver Pastor Maldonado, who is worth an estimated £45m to his team because he has the backing of Venezuela’s national oil company, PDVSA. Maldonado is a friend of the Venezuela president, Hugo Chávez.

Was Maldonado a pay driver?

Aside from his pay driver status, Maldonado also gained a reputation over his career as somewhat wild and unpredictable on the circuit. He was nicknamed “Crashtor” and a website called Has Maldonado Crashed Today? was created to track his many mishaps.

Is Pastor Maldonado a pay driver?

But to paint him as one of F1’s worst-ever and a hopeless pay driver is wrong. Maldonado isn’t anywhere near the least capable grand prix starters, and on pure pace he had the vast majority of pay drivers in F1 history beat with ease.

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