Where is the UNEP located?

Where is the UNEP located?

Nairobi, Kenya
A/RES/3004(XXVII) decided that the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is to be located in Nairobi, Kenya.

How do I join UNEP?

How to Join

  1. Complete a Membership Application Form (available from the Secretariat upon demand – contact us).
  2. Become a Signatory to the relevant industry commitments to advance sustainability integration in banking, insurance or investment.

Who is the current president of UNEP?

Inger Andersen
Inger Andersen is Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.

When was the UNEP established?

June 5, 1972, Nairobi, Kenya
United Nations Environment Programme/Founded

How do you become a volunteer at UNEP?

The minimum requirements to become a National UNV volunteer are as follows:

  1. At least 22 years of age.
  2. Academic Credentials – at least a Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Well-qualified and suitable older candidates can serve as National UN Volunteers up to an age covered by the life insurance carrier.

How do you get money from UNEP?

There are three main sources of funding for UNEP: UN Regular Budget – the only regular source of funding, supports the functions of the UNEP Secretariat, including the Governing Bodies, coordination in the UN system, and cooperation with global scientific communities. Amounts to around 5 per cent annually.

Why is UNEP important?

UNEP’s mission is to provide leadership and encourage partnership in caring for the environment by inspiring, informing, and enabling nations and peoples to improve their quality of life without compromising that of future generations.

How many countries are in UNEP?

193 Member States
UNEP works closely with its 193 Member States and representatives from civil society, businesses, and other major groups and stakeholders to address environmental challenges through the UN Environment Assembly, the world’s highest-level decision-making body on the environment.

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