Where is the XP Deus made?

Where is the XP Deus made?

Based in Toulouse since 1998, XP have developed and manufactured innovative, high-performance metal detectors which have quickly become a reference among enthusiasts.

What is the best metal detector for sale?

Best metal detectors

  1. Editor’s pick: Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector. Courtesy of Amazon.
  2. Best for low prices: Garrett ACE 400 Metal Detector. Courtesy of Amazon.
  3. Best all-terrain detector: Minelab CTX 3030.
  4. Best for underwater: Minelab Excalibur II.
  5. Best for finding gold: Nokta Gold Kruzer Waterproof Metal Detector.

What is the number one rated metal detector?

The 7 metal detectors we tested

Product Price Overall Performance
1. Garret – Ace 250 $$$$ 5/5
2. Bounty Hunter – Tracker IV $$ 4.5/5
3. Bounty Hunter – Gold Digger $$ 4.5/5
4. Treasure Cove – TC-3020 $$$$ 4.5/5

What is an XP Deus metal detector?

XPs Deus is an innovative metal detector that uses headphones, a coil, and a remote control that communicate with each other through a radio link. The first wireless metal detector with a fully telescopic S-shaped stem, the Deus offers power, precision and speed in a feature-rich compact tool. How does the XP Deus metal detector work?

What kind of coil does xpxp Deus use?

XP Deus Metal Detector with 9″ X35 DD Waterproof Wireless Search Coil, Coil Cover, WS4 Wireless Backphone Headphones with removable electronic control, Headphone Storage Case, Wireless Remote Control Display Screen, Hip mount case for Remote Control, and a 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

How much does the XP Deus weigh?

At 2 pounds, the XP DEUS (pronounced day-uhs) offers exceptional comfort, speed and performance. The XP DEUS is the result of years of research and development by the XP engineering team. This detector sets new benchmarks in metal detection design and performance. The design is built on your choice of three wireless elements:

What is an XP Deus headset?

A Coil, a Remote Control, and a set of Audio Headphones, which are unique in that they communicate with each other via a digital radio link. The XP Deus incorporates power, speed, precision, lightness, and compactness that have all been achieved by the components developed for leading-edge technologies.

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