Where is Wolf Lake Wisconsin?

Where is Wolf Lake Wisconsin?

Fond du Lac County
Wolf Lake is a 75 acre lake located in Fond du Lac County. It has a maximum depth of 47 feet.

Where is Big Wolf Lake located?

Jackson County
Michigan Department of Natural Resources Status of the Fishery Resource Report 92-10, 1992. Big Wolf Lake is located in central Jackson County approximately 8 miles southeast of the city of Jackson (Figure 1). This lake is one of nine in a chain of lakes, collectively called the Michigan Center Chain.

What is the bluest lake in Wisconsin?

Black Oak Lake Is Wisconsin’s Clearest Lake – Only In Your State.

What kind of fish are in Wolf Lake Indiana?

Wolf Lake has a large variety of fish including pike, herring, walleye, and the rare lake sturgeon, and offers fishing by small boat or from the area’s restored shoreline.

What kind of fish are in Wolf Lake Minnesota?

Wolf Lake has good numbers of walleye with northern pike, largemouth bass, muskie, bluegill, crappie, rock bass and perch rounding out this fishery.

What town is Wolf Lake NY in?

Wolf Lake is a lake located near Wurtsboro, New York. The spring-fed 340 acres (140 ha) lake is a 90-minute drive from New York City….Wolf Lake (New York)

Wolf Lake
Wolf Lake
Location Sullivan County, New York
Coordinates 41°35′13″N 74°35′20″WCoordinates: 41°35′13″N 74°35′20″W
Surface elevation 1,506 feet (459 m)

Is Wolf Lake Michigan an all sports lake?

Wolf Lake is known for its crystal clear water and sandy beaches. Wolf Lake is an all sports lake so bring your boat, jet ski or paddle board. There is a paved road all the way around the lake (approximately 4 miles) for bike riding, running or walking.

How many wolf lakes are in Michigan?

In addition to Muskegon’s Wolf Lake, Michigan features at least two other Wolf Lakes. One is located north of Muskegon County, near the town of Baldwin and within the Manistee National Forest.

Is Wolf Lake good for fishing?

Wolf Lake a good match for northern pike as the lake is shallow, is well vegetated and has clear water. Anglers report fish up to 20 lbs.; we typically collect fish from 22″ to 28″ long. If hybrid muskie are caught, they are downstream migrants from Indiana’s portion of Wolf Lake.

Is Wolf Lake man made?

Stocked with largemouth bass, northern pike, bluegill, red ear sunfish, crappie, bullhead, carp and yellow perch, Wolf Lake is separated into five sections on the Illinois side by dikes left by long-past dredging projects. even cuts across the lake on a man-made earthwalk in its 20-foot deep water.

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