Which are as follows Synonym?

Which are as follows Synonym?

What is another word for as follows?

thus so
in this fashion in this wise
on that wise on this wise
such that this way
along these lines in this manner

How do you use respectfully in a sentence?


  1. I would respectfully agree with this comment.
  2. They stood respectfully when he entered the room.
  3. ‘You are an artist,’ she said respectfully.
  4. The students behaved respectfully towards the teacher.
  5. The audience clapped respectfully as she stood up to speak.

How do you use the word following in a sentence?

“Following the wedding, there will be a reception in the dining hall.” “I was in pain following the accident.” “Please join us in the fellowship hall following the service.”

Are as follow or follows?

‘As follows’ is correct, not ‘as follow. ‘ ‘As follows’ is used for both singular and plural situations.

What is a better word for like?

What is another word for like?

enjoy love
fancy relish
savorUS be fond of
embrace admire
cherish delight in

Is or are respectively?

Respectively is an adverb that means “for each separately and in turn, and in the order mentioned.” The correct use of respectively requires two parallel lists of corresponding items. For example, these sentences are correct: The values of x and y are 3.5 and 18.2, respectively.

How do you use respectively examples?

‘Respectively’ is an adverb that is often misused by non-native English speakers. It means “in the order given” and should only be used if your sentence would be unclear without it. Example: Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen detector flows were set at 85, 7, and 4 mL/min, respectively.

What does respectfully mean?

Respectfully means “in a way that shows or expresses respect,” with respect here meaning “a feeling or understanding that someone or something is important, serious, etc., and should be treated in an appropriate way.”

Can I use respectively twice in a sentence?

Break it into two sentences, it would make it a lot easier – you shouldn’t use ‘respectively’ twice in the same sentence. Alternatively, restructure it so you use ‘respectively’ once at the end of the sentence.

Can you use such at the end of a sentence?

If the specific examples aren’t essential to the accuracy of your sentence, then use a comma before such as and after your example, unless the example is at the very end of the sentence. Citrus fruits , such as oranges and grapefruits , are high in vitamin C.

Is there a comma after Therefore at the beginning of a sentence?

Conjunctive adverbs as introductions In this sentence, the first comma is used to separate the first independent clause from the second independent clause, and the second comma is needed after the introductory word therefore. You do not need a third comma between and and therefore.

What comes after as follows?


What is another word for as such?

What is another word for as such?

as a result consequently
ergo in consequence
subsequently that being the case
thence thereby
accordingly for that reason

Is as such correct grammar?

Usage and Grammar Many thanks for tackling this one. “As such” is not a substitute for “therefore.” Rather, “such” must refer to an antecedent noun or noun phrase in order for “as such” to make grammatical sense (and yes, it’s a matter of grammar).

Can you use respectively at the beginning of a sentence?

Senior Member. Well, you could conceivably start a sentence with “respectively,” but you can’t start this sentence with “respectively.”

Can thus start a sentence?

“Thus” can be used both at the very beginning of the sentence, or between the subject and the verb: At high altitude, the boiling point of water is lower than at sea-level. Thus, pasta takes a longer time to cook.

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