Which bank is best for Islamic banking in Pakistan?

Which bank is best for Islamic banking in Pakistan?

State Bank of Pakistan

  • Highest amount of Deposits through Roshan Digital Account.
  • Highest amount of Investment in Islamic Naya Pakistan Certificates.
  • Best Performing Bank (1st position)
  • Fastest Growing Bank.
  • Highest amount of Deposits through Roshan Digital Account (1st position)

Which country is best for PHD in finance?

Best country to study Finance: top-ranked universities

  • Harvard University, the US.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the US.
  • Stanford University, the US.
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), the UK.
  • University of Oxford, the UK.
  • University of Cambridge, the UK.

What is BS Islamic banking and finance?

The BS-IBF provides students with the opportunity to become a good Islamic financial knowledge bearer to cater the ever growing demand for a human resource in the area. Objectives. The objectives of BS-IBF program are: To develop in graduates a strong foundation of Islamic banking and finance.

Is HBL Islamic bank?

HBL is one of the largest and leading Islamic banking players in the country. The bank provides a wide range of Shariah compliant solutions to its diverse clientele and is committed to introduce innovative products and initiatives for its valued customers.

Is HBL saving account halal?

HBL’s Islamic Saving Accounts allow Please note that Islamic Saving Accounts are profit bearing based on the concept of Mudaraba. The actual profit rates depend on the applicable periodic PSR and weightages disclosed on the HBL website.

Which is the best Islamic saving account in Pakistan?


  • Saving Accounts Overview.
  • HBL Islamic SavingAccounts.
  • HBL Al-MukhtarAccount.
  • HBL Islamic FC PLSAccount.
  • HBL Al-IrtifaAccount.
  • HBL Islamic PLSAccount.
  • HBL Nisa Tawfir Account.

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