Which blind is best for bay window?

Which blind is best for bay window?

Yes, real wood blinds and faux wood blinds alike are popular styles of blinds for bay windows. Faux-wood and wooden blinds with smaller slats (the smallest being 25mm and 35mm respectively) will fit without gaps in all but the most acutely angled and narrowest mullioned of bay windows.

Are curtains or blinds better for Bay Windows?

Full-length curtains work best, as they create a sense of height. If you have more than one window to dress, a curtain for each is ideal. Curtains really work for bay windows as not only do they look fabulous, but they reduce draughts, helping to keep heat in.

What happened to IKEA blinds?

Shopping giant Ikea has banned the sale of window blinds with deadly cords following a campaign by a young mother whose daughter was tragically caught in one. The Swedish superstore has now announced it will no longer sell window blinds with exposed cords in a bid to improve safety.

Can you fit vertical blinds to a bay window?

Vertical blinds are a great choice for curved bay windows as they are so versatile and practical. And with such a wide range of colours, prints and textures to choose from, Vertical blinds give you lots of style options too.

Which blinds are best for bay windows?

As roman blinds fold up into themselves they are ideal for bay windows. These blinds can be fitted to each window individually. All of our roman blinds come fully lined with blackout material, and there is a huge range of material to choose from. Roman blinds offer a unique flexibility of being open, closed or open and any point between the two.

What are bay windows?

Bay windows are a great feature for any room, it doesn’t matter if you are using the room as a lounge, dining room or family room. Large feature windows allow lots of natural light to come into the room. They offer you a room with a view, this may be of your neighbourhood, garden or communal area.

What are the benefits of roller blinds?

Another benefit of roller blinds is that you have the option of having blackout blinds for your bay windows, something you may consider if you have bay windows in your bedroom. Modern bay windows are designed to increase the natural flow of light into your home and provide views you don’t have from normal windows.

Where can I find the perfect curtains or blinds?

The perfect curtains or blinds can be found both in store and online, as part of our collection. Available in a range of different colours, styles and sizes, there’s something to suit every room. Need help try using our VIDGA Planner. Find the fun, flair and functionality of fabrics with fashionable curtains from IKEA.

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