Which country has the most CCIE?

Which country has the most CCIE?

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) is the highest level of professional certification offered by Cisco. Less than three percent of all Cisco certified professionals earn their CCIE….How many CCIEs are in the world?

North America 5883
Canada 740
Mexico 118
USA 5025
Caribbean 13

How many CCIEs are in the world?

59,737 CCIEs
So, as of January 14, 2019, there are 59,737 CCIEs in the world.

How many CCIEs are in America?

There are around 3000 CCIE Certified engineers working in India and around 10,000 working in USA.

What is the salary of CCIE?

CCIE salary in India for fresher starts from INR 2-4 Lacs/annum (Non Certified) to INR 6-8 Lacs/annum [Certified] per annum, varying from one company to the other. Experienced CCIE certified professionals draw up to INR 30-40 Lacs per annum depending upon skills and job roles.

How many CCIEs are there in the world?

The latest official number of the total CCIEs in the world comes from a Cisco Live presentation slide and the numbers are as following (Latest update of the numbers below is March 2, 2013): Total number of CCIEs in the world (all tracks): 38,005 Total of Routing & Switching CCIEs: 27,552 Total of Security CCIEs: 4,264

How many CCIE certified engineers are there in the world?

So there are only 45,000 CCIE Certified engineers worldwide and IT industry need at-least 300,000 engineers right now and demand is going to increase in future. This is the high time that you should also consider CCIE Training and Certification. Looking forward to earn your CCIE Certification in first attempt?

Which CCIE course is most in demand?

I hope the numbers above will inspire some of you to push harder for this prestigious certification. From the total number of Job openings, the CCIE track with most demand is the classic Routing & Switching CCIE track. See the percentages below for all tracks:

How many CCIE’s have been awarded in 2019?

In 2019 the number of CCIE’s awarded since the programme started went over 60,000. However this is not to say that every CCIE has maintained their certification. Some may have let it expire and others have taken emiritus status, which you can do if you have held a CCIE for over 10 years.

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