Which is better top mount or front mount intercooler?

Which is better top mount or front mount intercooler?

A top mount intercooler will be more efficient with airflow than a front-mounted, with the only reason being the shorter path from your turbochargers to intake. You’ll get air quicker and sooner, but don’t confuse this with lag, as it is pressurized.

Does a front mount intercooler affect the radiator?

Of course a FMIC affects flow to the radiator. If you duct the setup properly you can almost completely eliminate it though.

How much more power does an intercooler give?

Depending on all these variables, an aftermarket intercooler may be worth power gains of between 5% – 10% above the gains that an OEM intercooler may provide.

Does intercooler help keep engine cool?

An intercooler is what is called a cross-flow heat exchanger, as the cooling fluid removing the heat (the air) is moving at ninety degrees to the warm fluid (the air, water or oil). Put simply, intercoolers take warm air entering your engine and make it colder through heat exchange.

Does intercooler reduce EGT?

to answer your question, yes you will see about 150-200 drop in egt, no matter what turbo you have, intercoolers help, at least the good ones, like bd.

Does a bigger intercooler make a difference?

Adding a larger intercooler without any tuning will not really add any power, though. The charge air temperature will be lower resulting in denser air, but the larger intercooler can add a slight amount of drag which can somewhat negate any power gains.

Are aftermarket intercoolers worth it?

Most intercooler makers shoot for at least 70% efficiency when it comes to cooling down compressed air from a turbocharger. Given all of these parameters, an aftermarket intercooler is usually worth around 5-10% more in power gains than a regular OEM intercooler.

How much HP does a bigger intercooler add?

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Do Intercoolers Add Horsepower? To put it simply: no, a turbo intercooler will not really add any horsepower to your car but it does influence it. More air equals more power, so to speak.

Is a top mount intercooler better than a front mount?

All out track machines will benefit more from a front mount intercooler, where a daily driven Subaru may benefit from either depending on the amount of work the owner wants to perform. But in most cases, a top mount is best paired with cars planning on making less than 500whp.

Should I get a top mount intercooler for my Subaru WRX?

We get tons of questions when it comes to choosing a top mount intercooler or front mount intercooler for your Subaru WRX, and it’s all in good reason. It’s one of the most common mods for 2015-2019 WRX owners who plan to build past the standard stage 2.

What is the advantage of a top mount radiator?

Top mount: protected from damage, shorter intake tract for less lag, limited overall size restriction due to placement, more air to the radiator for better engine cooling.

What is the difference between a top mount and bottom mount Turbo?

The turbo itself is in the same location as for a top mount and is going to spool up the same. The longer plumbing causes greater pressure drop than a top mount which might mean a bit less power (everything else being equal) plus it takes a fraction more time for the compressed air to reach the intake which might relate to slightly more lag.

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