Which UK newspaper has the highest circulation?

Which UK newspaper has the highest circulation?

the Daily Mail
National newspapers in the United Kingdom (UK) 2021, by circulation. The national news brand with the highest reported circulation in the United Kingdom was the Daily Mail in August 2021, with a circulation of 925.55 thousand.

How many regional newspapers are there in the UK?

Related newspaper bodies Represened 1400 regional newspapers in the UK.

What are the top 5 newspapers in the UK?

Top 10 U.K. Newspapers by Circulation

  1. The Sun. thesun.co.uk.
  2. The Sun on Sunday. thesun.co.uk.
  3. Daily Mail. dailymail.co.uk.
  4. 4. Mail On Sunday. dailymail.co.uk/mailonsunday.
  5. Metro. metro.co.uk.
  6. The Sunday Times. thetimes.co.uk.
  7. 7. News – London Evening Standard. www.standard.co.uk.
  8. Daily Mirror. mirror.co.uk.

Is the sun still sold in the UK?

It was founded as a broadsheet in 1964 as a successor to the Daily Herald, and became a tabloid in 1969 after it was purchased by its current owner. The Sun previously had the largest circulation of any daily newspaper in the United Kingdom but it was overtaken by rival Metro in March 2018.

What is the largest circulation newspaper in the world?

Yomiuri Shimbun
The Japanese Yomiuri Shimbun (読売新聞), Asahi Shimbun (朝日新聞) and Mainichi Shimbun (毎日新聞) are still the largest circulated newspapers in the world. The Times of India is the largest circulated English-language daily newspaper in the world, across all formats (Broadsheet, Compact, Berliner and Online).

What is the circulation of British newspapers?

2020 to present

Title 2021 2020
Daily Mail 960,019 1,169,241
Evening Standard 489,405 798,168
Daily Mirror 366,501 451,466
The Times N/A 368,929

What is a regional newspaper?

The Regional Newspaper Publishing industry includes titles published on a daily or weekly basis and are distributed to a particular area of the country.

What is the most circulating newspaper in the UK?

Today, the UK’s most highly circulating paper is the free sheet Metro whilst other popular titles include tabloids such as The Sun and Daily Mirror, middle market papers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express and Broadsheet newspapers such as The Guardian and The Times. Breakdown of UK daily newspaper circulation, 1956 to 2019.

Where do newspaper circulation figures come from?

The first newspapers to decline to publish circulation figures were The Telegraph, The Sun and The Times. Figures shown are average circulations for January of each year. Regardless of immediate source, all figures originate from the Audit Bureau of Circulations .

Why has the circulation of newspapers declined in the UK?

Since the 1950s, there has been a gradual decline in newspaper sales. The availability of multimedia news platforms has accelerated this decline in the 21st century, and by the close of 2014, no UK daily or Sunday newspaper had a circulation exceeding two million. The overall circulation of newspapers declined by 6.6% in 2014–15.

What was the circulation of the news of the world?

Circulation continued to increase, reaching a peak in the mid-1950s; sales of the News of the World reached a peak of more than eight million in 1950. Since the 1950s, there has been a gradual decline in newspaper sales.

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